Which watch to get?


Jan 28, 2008
Hi all, can I seek your views on this?

I have currently 3 watches, a steel Rolex date just with diamond markers, AP royal oak offshore, and a Jaeger Ladies Squadra Reverso in rose gold and diamonds.


Thinking of getting either the following 3 watches: tank MC in steel, patek ladies nautilus with diamond bezel or patek men's calatrava 5227.

Which do u think is nicer and compliment my current watch collection? I cannot decide...


Many thanks for your views!
Aug 19, 2013
Wow you already have a great collection of beautiful and very tastful watches!
I think the Patek Nautilus would be a perfect addition. With AP, JLC and Rolex you have the best of the best in watch brands. So a Patek Phillippe would be the best in my opinion. The Cartier tank MC can't compete with. The calatrava is a beautiful, simple watch, but the nautilus is SO amazing and really stands out! So my vote totally goes to the PP nautilus. There was also a light blue/lilac MOP dial available until a few months ago which was absolutely breathtaking...maybe you can find it still in stores...this would be terrific.


Sep 27, 2013
Well, I think Cartier would be the most different from what you have, but I really think the Tank MC is pretty huge. I'd love all of the women's Tanks, and some come in larger sizes but not quite as large as the men's. I like the Patek Nautilus, but I don't find it all that different from your Rolex. The other Patek reminds too much of the watches my father used to wear. The style just doesn't make a statement as much as the others. So my vote is for a Cartier! (....my disclaimer is that I am getting one for Christmas, so I am biased at the moment!)

(I love your JLC, by the way!)