which watch? tia!

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which watch? tia!

  1. michele milou mini diamond

  2. michele deco baguette diamond

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. deco.mini.diamond.gif milou mini

    michele.deco.baguette.jpg baguette

    please vote! thanks!
  2. I'm not a fan of big watches, so my vote for baguette - easy transition from day to night. I find milou mini's bracelet a little chunky.
  3. I can only see one pic.
  4. oh. i will try again. they are actually both petite- on the small side- i don't like big watches on me, either. (love them on others, though!)
  5. I like both but am feeling the baguette a little more.
  6. I like the face more on the milou mini and the band more on the baguette. So basically that would be the Mini Deco watch which isn't one of your choices. :P But if I had to pick it would be the milou mini.
  7. milou mini
  8. i actually will get it with the diamond glamour band- whichever face i pick. just having a hard time committing to one. :smile:
  9. Can't see the first pic!
  10. I personally prefer the Milou Mini, but I can see nvie's point about the baguette being an easier piece to wear from day to night.

    I suppose it just depends on how much you look to the wearablity of evening pieces, and your own personal style. :smile:

  11. i was thinking of that= being able to wear it with nicer outfits. and then i was thinking, get both... but do i need both?

  12. I have this in a limited edition with a black face and pink diamonds. I love it. It is a great size and shape. Very elegant, and it looks great with the other Michele bands too! Sometimes you can find this one on sale at Nordstrom rack and the Neiman's outlet. Not too often, but every now and again.
  13. I vote for the second watch.