Which watch should I get my boyfriend? I need your opinion!

  1. Hihi! I'm planning to get my boyfriend a watch for our 3 year anniversary and I'm wondering which watch is better! I know they look similar in the pics..but the first one is titanium. The band on that one is a bit darker than the second watch which is stainless steel. There's also a gold ring around the face in the second watch.

    He's 22 and has pale skin.

    I would love to hear your input! :yes: Thanks!
    watch1.JPG watch2.jpg
  2. I like the look of the first one. He could wear it casually, or he could dress it up.

    The second seems too much like a 'casual watch' to me.
  3. The second one looks gorgeous!
  4. I like the first one, all silver... much more appropriate for a 22 y/o... I always see the 2 tone on *older* men..
  5. Coming from a guy, definitely the first one:supacool:
  6. oh my gosh, that's so sweet! you're getting your boyfriend a watch for your 3 year? me and my boyfriend are about to celebrate our 4 year anniversary and we have decided to get each other movado watches. i don't know if matching or not but we'll be shopping this weekend. yay!!!

    congrats on your 3 years.
  7. and opinions for the watch, i like the first one. i agree with how the two tone one is generally seen on older men.
  8. the second one.
  9. i like the first one...:biggrin:
  10. 1st one
  11. Thanks for your input!! I agree that the 2 tone thing appears to be for older individuals. The first one is much lighter since it's made of titanium. Just to reveal prices...the first one is about $800 CAD and the second one is about $600 CAD.
  12. I like the first one better too. :yes:
  13. I think the second one looks much nicer, but I think the first one is a safer choice for a guy his age.
  14. Definitely the first one. I am not big on the two tone color on the second one, which, as mentioned, seems to be worn by older men more frequently.
  15. i have a 22 yr old guy friend with a great looking two toned movado watch. its similar to the one in your pic. i dont think it looks "old" on him, i really like it and the one you picked as well. i am biased though as im a HUGE david yurman fan:p