Which Watch?? LV tambour lovely cup vs Cartier Ballon Bleu

  1. Which one of these two gorgeous watches would you purchase?

    im kinda torn between them both, the LV tambour is sporty(pls note the pic doesnt show the LV flower embossed rubber strap), whereas cartier ballon bleu is more classic. btw im 24 yrs old, so im wondering which one is more suitable given my age and which is more value for money?

    As for prices the cartier one is more expensive at 5200 USD, whereas the LV tambour is 3500 USD! Thanks for the opinions:heart::woohoo:
    0417185274827_275x275.jpg p11240018_ph_hero.jpg
  2. I would go for the Cartier more recognised as a classic brand and it looks good too!! And will probably date more comfortably than the LV,as for your age a Cartier can look timelessly classic on anyone,its a lovely brand for that. Does that help you? They're both great looking watches so I can see your dilemma,but I think my money would be on the Cartier,let us know and post pics of what you decide!!!!XXXXXXXXX
  3. Definitely the Ballon Bleu; Cartier watch design is timeless.

  4. Def. the Cartier. I just can't get over the fact that a $3000+ watch has a rubber strap.
  5. Cartier all the way!!! Not a fan of LV watches:tdown:.
  6. I love the sleekness of the Cartier.....
  7. I was actually in Harvey Nichols today so I had a look at the Cartier for you and IRL its goregeous, can't comment anymore on the LV as they did'nt have any and I've only seen the pic you posted,so I can't give you a more informed opinion that that,sorry hun!XXX
  8. Hi everyone! thanks for your input. I have tried on the Ballon Bleu and its stunning! Im just worried how sturdy it is, whether is it prone to scratches etc.

    Have not had a chance to try the LV..but seems like everyone is veering towards Cartier!!:happydance:
  9. You can always get additional leather bands for your LV, just as you can get leather bands for your Cartier if you so choose, I love the Baloon Bleu(thought you were getting the diamond one for a minute) but I think the LV one is nicer for your age, you will have plenty of years for classic, standard watches like the Baloon, have a little fun with the LV one for now, either way you have great taste

  10. yes! that was my main concern as to whether i should get a more FUN watch so to speak given my age..and leave the classic watches for later...:s
  11. If you are looking for a fun watch have you considered the Chanel J12 series of ceramic watches (unless you already have one). I just think for the price there are a lot of great options for watches other than the LV.

  12. I'm twenty two and my watches have always been classic since I turned sixteen.:smile: I find fun watches to be trendy and cannot use them for the next year as they would seem gaudy.
    I'd go for the Ballon Bleu. However, I'm not a fan of two-tone. I'd rather go for the white gold but if you're going for versatility, go for the two-tone.:tup:
  13. Thats a very good point indeed,I am now 42 and wear a gents Rolex GMT2,so its a grown up watch worn with a bit of 'edge',if that makes sense! The only thing that would make me stall with the benefit of hindsight is looking back over the years,from when I was your age until I got my first Rolex at 32,the money I had spent on watches up til then would have gone a substantial way to getting me a Rolex!!! Downside is that none of the watches would sell for any kind of useful amount of cash.
    I wholeheartedly agree you should have some fun etc,but as one lady posted before changing straps is a brilliant way to economically change a watch,maybe that could be a workable option for you?
    Another way I look at is I love carrying designer handbags,and would'nt really go for a 'fun' one of them(they cost too bloody much!!!) and I find I 'wear' one to say the 'right' things about me blah,blah,blah and so it goes with my watch,its that little detail,and it quietly says style and confidence.
    As I'm not fabulously well off,I try and my expensive things have as much life as possible!!! Don't get me wrong this is just the way I view things and am not wanting you to feel that I'm telling you this is what I think you must do,I thought a different view may be helpful in your choice.
    When I looked at them in Harvey Nicks yesterday the Cartiers feel very study and well made.They had'nt started production of this one when I was in the trade so your post made me curious to see it,and as I've always known Catiers to be a sturdy watch and liked them it was'nt a chore to go and have a look!!!!
  14. I agree! I just turned 25 and think the classic is definitly the way to go. You wont regret it in the long run and it is a great investment! A Cartier watch is definitly more of a classic then the LV which seems a bit more trendy. I agree that you may prefer the all white Cartier instead of the 2-tone, it seems a bit younger imo. I was just debating if to get 2 tone or all white and a lot of jewelers that I talked to told me that they sell 2 tone Rolex and Cartier watches in 2 tone to mostly 35 & up women, while all white Rolex and Cartier watches are purchases by all age women... I just bought a Rolex lady datejust in white gold and stainless.
  15. hi nydiana, thanks for the suggestion to check out other brands however, ive seen the chanel J12 and for some reason i dont really like it. Cant seem to think of any other watches im keen on at the moment besides these two!:p

    I did not know that the cartier ballon bleu came in an all white version, i only saw the two-tone one in stores. Will go check that out! the idea of changing straps is a brilliant suggestion!

    as for whether i should get a FUN watch, i agree with chaz that the cartier is probably a better long term investment..LV is cute but i think it would not transition well from day to night..THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE! im gonna think about it for a few more days:tup: