Which watch? Help me decide!


Jan 4, 2007
Love this forum!! I'm a newbie here and everyone seems so fashionable and friendly. I would like your opinion on which watch to purchase or keep.

I bought a Philip Stein small double diamond and I love that you can change the straps, but I just don't know if it's "me." Also, I can't tell if it makes a difference in my energy level even though Oprah says it does!

I'm thinking of exchanging it for a Tag Aquaracer with the diamond bezel. I love that I can put it on, wear it everywhere and not worry about taking it off.

Any thoughts??? Thanks!


Apr 19, 2007
London UK
I have a tag bi colour and its a great everyday watch, I got mine whilst in Cabo 6 years ago and its still going strong. The diamonds would make your watch really pop! Try them both on together and see how you feel.