Which watch brands are most prestigious?

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  1. I want a new watch. Nothing flashy, just a watch I can wear everyday, but one with a "name." I admit I am a label #hore.
    Please give me your opinions!
  2. I love the look of Movado - very sleek and looks good worn daily. I prefer faces that are simple and love that most Movados don't have any numbers.

    Rolex makes some lovely pieces as well.
  3. Give Chopard a look - but, to be honest, there are a lot of prestigous watch brands out there.

    Go to a website like this:


    Hyde Park is a posh jeweler with a few boutiques in select cities (they started in Colorado). From a website like this you can pick a few names from their watch list and then google those names to look at the offerings from those manufacturers. From there, you can get a good idea of what styles suit you.
  4. Here's some high end names, I'm sure others can add to this:

    Baume & Mercier
    Patek PHilippe
    Raymond Weil
    TAG Heuer
  5. Thanks for your replies. I am going to start doing some research.
    You know how this interest in prestigious watches started... Did anyone watch the Sopranos last week?
    Remember Carmela's Baume and Mercier gift? !!
  6. haha - yes, I watched it too!! Las Vegas has more watches in one place then any other!!
  7. oohh... I agree with Swanky! The ones she listed are terrif! :tup: And Chopard is cute too!

    Here are a few more:

    A. Lange & Sohne
    Audemars Piguet
    Vacheron Constantin
  8. I'm in the same boat as you:yes:.
    For my bday this year, I'm goin to get a NICE Cartier watch:heart: instead of a CHANEL bag. ;)Still torn between the Tank and Roadster.
  9. No one mentioned Longines!

    I really love the Dolce Vita!
  10. I have a Rolex Submariner and am now pondering on a Breitling, although speaking to a watch aficionado said they are rather "fragile" compared to Rolex et al, or a Panerai.....I love a big watch :yes:
  11. IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Breguet ;)
  12. Breitling (esp.their Bentley watches) and Rolex are my favs :smile:
  13. I love my armani watch, they have some really pretty ones, and they're not too expensive :smile:
  14. Omega is my favorite.
  15. It truly makes a difference when you wear a brand in the $500-1000 range vs those that start at $2K. I have gotten so many compliments on mine and you can see people look at it. When I catch them looking, them look away really fast. LOL. It's like wearing a large diamond ring. I remember one time we were at fancy restaurant and some young guy and his girlfriend were having a drink/bite to eat. Anyhow.. there was a Rolls Royce Phantom parked out front and everyone was drooling over it and wondering who's it was. Sure enough, when this guy and his girl left, they stepped into the Phantom and drove off. After the waiters found out who's car it was.. she said.. oh you know he had money.. he had an expensive name watch too. ;)

    Oh.. you asked which name brands are great.. most were already mentioned.. but if you want the attention.. get the ones that are well known and marketed like:

    Baume & Mercier

    You can clearly see the difference in a good quality watch over one that isnt that much. Look for a watch that has the sapphire glass (most expensive watches have this) because it makes the watch crystal clear. The Saphire doesnt scratch either.. only by that element or a diamond.