Which was your first LV?

  1. So what was yoru first LV purchase and why?

    Me, I went straight for the multicolore white Franges Speedy. I have NEVER owned a piece of LV before and I went straight for the limited edition because I liked the fact that not everone would be carrying it. Now I am making a wish list of some others I want. Of course after this purchase I am going to have to wait until next year before I'm eligible for any presents over $25 (according to my dearest darling Hubby who bought the Franges for me)
  2. Mine was the medium looping, I just wanted a comfortable everyday bag and she was perfect :love:
  3. Mono Speedy 30
  4. i started with a vintage petit noe for 150$ at ebay :P
  5. Mine was Ellipse PM (a wedding gift from my god father):
  6. Mine was a red reade pm
  7. Mine was the Keepall 50, because I knew all my friends who knew about LV, wanted an LV "Duffle" So I had to get one before everyone else.

    I love it though.
  8. me... a Damier Papillon 30,
    at first I wanted the PH so much!
    but the vachetta didn't go well with a 1 & 2 yr olds.:crybaby:
    Then saw Yeux with the Pap...
    ...love at first sight!:love:
  9. Monogram speedy 30!!~
  10. mine was the Multicolore Pochette Accessoires in white. it was a gift from my dad when the line was first launched :love:
  11. Fuschia Baggy PM
  12. That was also my first one! My hubby gave it to me with the small matching wallet.
  13. Mono Speedy 30....got her like 3 weeks ago....today was the first day I carried her!!!

    Lol...I sound like a new mom not wanting to take her baby out the house
  14. My first LV purchase was in 2003. It was the monogram Alma and it was my first really high end bag. Prior to that I carried Coach and Dooney. Anyway, it was a Christmas gift from my dad:love: because it was my first Christmas without my mother:crybaby: , my aunt told him I really wanted an LV, and so he wanted to make me smile and have something to enjoy about Christmas.
  15. mine was the monogram accessories pouch, I will always treasure that