Which was your first Louis Vuitton??

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  1. And at what Age?
    How many LV's do you have now?
  2. montorgueil!! age 19...and i still only have 1 lol...but not for long :smile:
  3. First: Black Epi Pochette, age 25
    Other LV pieces: monogram 18kt white gold necklace, damier speedy
  4. First: Keepall 50, Sweet 16.
    Others: Palermo GM, Damier Naviglio, Pomme Vernis Trousse, Illusion Sunglasses
  5. My first was a BH @ 38 and now I have over 20 LV's
  6. Thanx
  7. Bobby Bag in Glace. i was 19, 23 now.

  8. My first was the multicolore Boulogne; I was 16. I still have it too :heart:.
  9. first was a white mc pochette (which i regrettably sold) when i was 27? 28?
    now i have a white mc alma, fuschia perfo speedy, neverfull gm, fuschia houston, pomme agenda, and a black mc wapity and wanting more.....
    oh, and i am 30.
  10. neverfull gm
  11. Let's continue discussion at the posted threads ! :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.