Which was more popular in your LV area? Gold or Silver (for miroir speedies)

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  1. NY: Silver...

  2. I am not sure, but was told that the production on the Gold was more limited
  3. I think generally silver speedys are more popular but on the other hand pochettes are more popular in gold.
  4. Silver for speedy
    Gold for papillon
  5. NYC: Gold

    Actually, my SA told me that Gold was the most popular colour at 5th Ave & SoHo. She said people had originally all placed orders for the Silver since June but then toward September and November, switched to the Gold. The numbers were pretty even, but Gold seems to have beat out Silver in the end.
  6. Bay Area: Silver for speedy
  7. definitely gold
  8. :heart: Silver...when I talked to my SA he told me a couple weeks ago if I wanted a speey he could put me on the list for the gold because they had several slots open!
  9. Nope, equal pieces.
  10. none, lol I live in utah. I only see fake bags on a regular basis
  11. In Scottsdale, AZ, my SA told me the list was much longer for the silver speedy, and that people wanting a gold speedy would have a better chance of getting one, so Silver wins out in AZ:smash:
  12. Really? The regional manager told me that when I met her in the store!!
  13. I was told by my SA that silver was more popular.
  14. Ugh I have heard different things from like 3 SAs!! :sad: