Which Wapity??

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  1. Hey my fellow tPFers~~
    I'm planning on purchasing a wapity very soon but I can't decide between the Mono and the MC (black OR white)
    Please help me~!!!

    Here are some pics I found of the Wapity on tPF~

    Credits to Gradco2004

    Black MC
    credits to FrankieP

    White MC
    Credits to PinkVirgo
  2. If that's your pic in your avatar, you adorable girl, I see you with the white MC. Just my opinion though.
  3. ^ hahaha~ aww thanks
    Yes that is me~
    So one vote for the white~
    Thanks for your input!!
  4. any would work IMO. I personally like the black mc but for you, I'm going to say white mc!
  5. I love the Black MC
  6. I want a wapity too!

    I'm not sure which to get...for some reason I was never a fan of MC but I like it on the black wapity.

    I think the white looks daintier...perhaps that's why the above posters recommended it for you and I'd have to agree ;)
  7. WHITE MC ALL THE WAY!!!! Wooooohoooo!
  8. MC is very cute... a vote for MC WHITE
  9. The black MC if my fav!
  10. I think the white MC would look really good for you. It's so cute!
  11. white white white :smile:

    i love white mc :biggrin:

  12. I completely adore my white multicolore wapity. I have found it to be infinitely charming and useful. See the pic in my signature of mine, accessorized with an accordeon wallet chain.
  13. There all so pretty! I would go for one of the MC ones...perhaps white? But it depends what you want to use it for, white will obv show up any dirt.
  14. I really adore the white~ but yeah as spangle said. I'm afraid of the dirt!!!

    jane and couture_girl: how are yours holding up???
  15. I have had a white mc koala wallet for two years and it looks practically new.

    Ask yourself this: are you really planning to run around in the *dirt* with your wapity? Are you taking it camping? Are you going to work in the garden with it? Do you wash your hands regularly? It's honestly nothing I even think about. I take good care of my accessories.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.