Which wapity should i get?

  1. I am thinking of getting either mono or white mc wapity... i love how the white wapity looks but what if it gets dirty easily? :shrugs: i'm so confused i love them both!!!
  2. have you considered the Black MC Wapity?? I think the MC's are cuter than the Mono :yes:
  3. get white mc! it's soooooo pretty and soooo cute....i didn't really like it in the mono personally. such a cute wapity shape belongs with a cute print like white mc! i personally don't find the white to be that dirt-attracting...mine's holding up great so far!
  4. the white MC.. is so beautiful..
  5. maybe i should get the white mc first and then the mono...hahah
  6. i like it too...its jsut not really me~~:yes:
  7. white mc!
  8. white mc!!
  9. Get the white one it would be great for the up coming sprng/summer season.
  10. I'm more of a fan of black MC... my vote is towards the black!
  11. Get the white! Its SO much cuter, trust me on this one!! I'm nuts over my wapity. You can just wipe it off with makeup wipes or baby wipes (as i hear) if it gets dirty.
  12. white mc is super-duper cute! i just worry over the rub-off.
  13. I also vote for the white Multicolore!
  14. it rubs off?
  15. white !!