which wallets do you use in your pochette

  1. which wallets do you use in your pochette? I'm trying to find a practical small wallet

  2. Ludlow!
  3. I have a ludlow...fits great in pochettes! The zippy coin purse should fit too...and has more features than the ludlow...but doesn't come in vernis.
  4. I use to use the mono change purse but now that I have the small zippy, I'll be using that.
  5. I just use my cles in my pochette-- nothing else fits.
  6. Zippy coin purse.
  7. I use either my Mono Koala or Cles
  8. I use my Portemonnaie plat or my Ludlow.
  9. Yep me too, actually this is my everyday wallet along with my cles for extra cards!
  10. Is the Mono Koala smaller than the vernis koala? Because if I use my vernis koala nothing else fits in my pochettes, perhaps my koala wallets are just overstuffed. :s I just end up using a cles in my pochettes.
  11. I don't have a wallet for my pochette yet but I'm planning to buy a cles for it cause I want it to be as small as possible so I can fit more stuff.