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  1. Hey everyone,
    My dilemma is, I've owned a zippy compact in Damier Azur. I currently own a Speedy B in DA as well. I'm not a fan of monogram, but like the damier ebene print. I'm thinking of getting a Sarah or Clemence. I'd prefer the Clemence because I'd want to get a cles and keep my extra cards in it that I don't use as much. My dilemma is, I really love the hot pink monogram Clemence because of the pink. I like the ebene, but don't like the red lining. I know shame on me, just not a huge fan. Damier Azur is my favorite Louis Vuitton canvas, but I can't decide if I can live with the rose ballerine interior, or if I'd rather just have beige. Help! Thoughts ladies would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Personally, I love the look of the Sarah wallet, but I went for the Clemence instead. As beautiful and classic the Sarah is, I don't need that many card slots and I just couldn't justify the price difference. I've used the Clemence everyday for a year, until I got the Rosalie Coin Purse. Initially, it was supposed to be just a small, compact wallet for going out, but it's so small and lightweight inside my bags, I use it everyday. Right now I sometimes use Clemence in my Neverfull for shopping and I keep loyalty cards in it (thanks for the idea with Cles!).

    As to the color - I'm the person who had everything in DE, because I loved DE. At this point, I'm a bit sick with it at this point and crave some change. I've bought a monogram Rose Ballerine Rosalie having nothing in pink and nothing in monogram. My opinion is to get whatever you like most! If you really love the Clemence in monogram with hot pink - get it. You can always add another DA wallet later on. In terms of durability - since it's a wallet it can easily get dirty - monogram is going to be more color transfer resistant and it should be easier to keep it clean.

    As to DA with Rose Ballerine interior - I'm much more into classic brown interiors myself, but it's a very cute and subtle color. I have no problems with keeping it clean, but I do have a small piece of transparent plastic foil inside my coin compartment (so coins touch the foil and not the leather), because that does get dirty quickly. I didn't get all that RB hype, but now every time I use it, that pretty color makes me smile. However, if you don't like it - don't force yourself on it and get something else instead.
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  3. Fashion heathen:shocked: Well, a way to look at this is which is more important to you, the interior colour or the exterior print? Also, what other items do you have in your collection? If you have a lot of DA and DE, but little to no monogram then the hot pink Clemence would add some variety whereas if you already have hot pinks and fuchsias then RB would shake things up. Personally, I would consider looking at the DE Clemence with the RB interior.
  4. Thank you for your post. I just can't decide. I don't have my zippy compact anymore, but I absolutely loved it in DA. I truly want the DE because it just feels more practical everyday. Decisions decisions.
  5. I'm strongly considering DE with RB. I keep thinking of it as more of a year around print vs. the azur. I eventually want to get another speedy as well. Part of me knows eventually I'll probably own a wallet in DE & DA.
  6. If you want the DE and don't like the red lining, I agree with Miss Krys - get it with RB interior instead! :smile:
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  7. I should also mention, in purchasing online. I don't live near a LV. So this makes it even harder. I won't be near one probably for about 6-8 months.
  8. I also do not like the red lining because I prefer pink. Definitely go for a pink interior!

    I have the Neverfull DE with Rose Ballerine interior and I absolutely love it.
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  9. Depends on what you want it to *do* - on a scale of zero to ten, what are your priorities? Toughness, aesthetics, Nr of CC slots and zippered pockets (if you use more than one currency, say), fits a passport, reports on glazing/cracking, slimness, lightness, full or medium or compact wallet...?

    I've been through plenty of LV wallets (MC Koala, Zippy, compact Adele, Alexandra, DE Emilie, Curieuse, PTI, even a cles and minipochette out of sheer frustration), because I had such a long, detailed, deal-breaking list of requisites. Enter Sarah empreinte: perfection, ticks nine out of ten boxes. Pricey, sure. But ideal, so after a month of using it, I got another one just in a different colour, as a backup down the years (did the same with Trevi PM), so price increase won't affect me and it won't hurt if it gets discontinued. I got rid of all the rest except compact Adele, for small bags.
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  10. I want a pink interior. I'm actually obsessing over the hot pink interior of the monogram.
  11. I want at least 8 CC slots. I like the zipper because I've noticed that it seems more durable. A friend has an Emilie and doesn't like the button function. I absolutely do not like compact wallets because I'm a little picky I prefer my bills to not end up folded within the wallet. I'm pretty sold on the clemence because I like the price point, and keeping my wallet decluttered by using a cles for extra cards I don't use frequently.
    Would you mind posting photos of your Sarah's they're absolutely gorgeous. I may be purchasing one down the road. Have you had any issues with it closing?
  12. As soon as I'm back home I'll post pics; I'm on a very light-pack 3 week trip and only brought Adele along :smile: No closing issues, the snap button is very solid, but although I put 16 cc inside + 2 passports + 2 currency + coupons + bills it doesn't get too bulky or stretched. However, I never put my mobile phone inside the wallet, which some people usually do!
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  13. Perfect! Thank you. The Adele is amazing as well.
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