Which wallet?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Technically not a handbag, but I thought I'd ask for opinions here instead of in each designer's respective subforum in the hopes of more unbiased responses. I'd appreciate any and all opinions!

    So my fiancee bought me my first designer wallet for my birthday last year and her brother is graduating from medical school in May. I figured I'd "return the favor" (in a sense!) and get him a wallet. I've narrowed it down to these two from different designers based on what he's using now and what I think he would like. I would ask her for her opinion, but she tends to be unable to keep a secret, and I think she'd ruin the surprise! :sneaky:


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    Vuitton vs. Ferragamo? Can I ask what he carries now before answering your question?
  3. Hmmm...unless he is used to carrying logoed items I would steer clear of the LV. The prints are polarizing. Many love them. Some despise them. But, that being said, I'm not a fan of the white contrast stitching on the Ferragamo.

    So, honestly, I'd look at some other options It's nice of you to do this be it would be great to get one that is perfect.
  4. I vote for #1, the Louis Vuitton slender wallet. My husband chose this exact same wallet for himself about a year ago. He has it in the glacier Taiga leather; it's more discreet than the canvas prints. It took me years to get him to try an LV wallet. He absolutely loves it for the quality, durability, and sleek look.

    In comparing the pics of the LV wallet and the Salvatore Ferragamo wallet, the LV one looks to have cleaner, tighter stitching and seams.

    I can attest to the excellent quality of the LV wallet because I have several women's LV wallets in various sizes as well as a men's LV coin purse (in glacier Taiga leather) that I use to carry various store/reward cards. They all have the same tight, neat stitching. These wallets are durable and will last forever.

    Also, would your fiancee's brother like the plastic window in the SF wallet and/or find it useful for his ID? My husband dislikes those in a wallet. He just takes his ID out if he needs to show it. I think it cheapens the look of a wallet, especially one that costs several hundred dollars.
  5. Thanks for all of your replies so far!

    @indiaink -- He's currently using a Burberry wallet. It's one of the darker (charcoal-ish) plaid patterns.

    I ended up settling on these two because my fiancee had mentioned in the past he thought the checkerboard pattern on a bag she carried was "kind of neat" and he also likes blue, so I figured it could be a win-win.

    I was able to check out the pattern because I had some issues with the wallet my fiancee got me and so I had a chance to exchange it. I noticed that unless in bright light, it's not quite as flashy as I thought it would be.

    With regards to the Ferragamo, I ended up selecting it because his current wallet has an ID window (and it's really hard to find a designer wallet with an ID, so options were limited) I figured the fact that it didn't have a single negative review was a good thing.

    Any other brands you would recommend I look into?
  6. I'm not one to prefer canvas over leather, and I usually adore SF leather products but I find myself preferring the LV out of the 2

    You might have a look at some of Gucci's leather signature wallets with ID windows, I did a search for you: