Which Wallet?

Mrs. 2012

Dec 2, 2012
Below the Mason-Dixon Line
:help: Hello Ladies! I know this has been posted a BILLION times, but it's my first LV wallet & I really need help! I just got my Monogram Speedy 30 & Cles from my DH (:heart::heart::heart:) for Xmas, and now I get to pick a wallet!!

I'm stuck between the ZCW or Alexandra wallet? I don't want something very large. (And if I have leftover $$ I kinda want a cosmetics pouch too :smile:)

Is it true that the ZCW glaze cracks a lot? That was a big worry for me.

Thank you!! :ty:
Jul 3, 2006
I'm going to vote ZCW. I personally don't like the Alexandra. It is very thick and bulky when full. I love slim light wallets.


Jul 7, 2012
ZCW for me! I sold my Alexandra because it was so bulky (a real bite in the butt since I only used it a few times). I purchased a pre-lived DE ZCW last month and just love it.

If you're near a store, I'd recommend trying each wallet in your purse to see how it feels/looks. Good luck!