Which wallet?

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  1. I'm deciding between these two zip around wallets. The first one is the matita zip around wallet while the second one is nero. I like the style of the zipper on the first one though, but I like the color of nero. Nero wasn't a color option on the website though... Thanks in advance!

    Btw, sorry if I sound unintelligible right now. It's 2 AM here, and I'm still wondering which one I should get :P

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  2. I'd go for the matita since that's the one that's styled the way you like. There's nothing worse than having a wallet that's awkward to use.
  3. Hi,
    I have the ebano zip around and I must tell you it's absolutely the BEST wallet I've ever used! For years I struggled with another wallet with a zipper that contstantly became stuck and was very clumsy to use but my ebano is pure perfection!

    As for the color I love both the matita and the nero. I don't think you can go wrong with either just as long as you receive the style of your choice.

    Good Luck and keep us posted with your decision...
  4. I would buy the style I like more, since both colors are beautiful
  5. Does the first style actually come in nero? TIA!
  6. Buy the style you love.. did you check any of the BV boutiques to see what

    has come in that is new??
  7. I wish I could. Unfortunately, my college is in Upstate NY, and there are no designer boutiques around here as far as I know... so all I can do is order online. :cry: Is matita a greyish color?
  8. I like the Matita!
  9. You can also call a BV boutique and they'd be happy to help you and have a wallet shipped to you!

    Phone numbers are listed in the reference thread, but I have the number for San Francisco handy: 415 981 1700
  10. Are the two any different besides the colour and the zipper pull? I have seen the same wallet with both zipper pulls... I am not sure why some have the tassel and some the tab, and I think I have seen a Nero zip-around with the tab (although mine has the tassel). Matita is a relatively dark charcoal grey - it is lighter than Nero but not significantly so I don't think it would be too light and show dirt or wear much more than Nero, if that is a consideration.

    I agree with doreenjoy - I would try calling a boutique and seeing what they have (including the tassel/tab issue).
  11. Thanks everyone for your help! I just ordered a wallet today :yahoo: I'll make a reveal when it comes (hopefully soon!).
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    Yah! I"m so happy for you. I wanted to mention you can order via phone thru your favorite boutique so I was glad to see Doreen let you know about this policy. I think there might even be a thread here from PF members recommending their favorite SA's which you might find helpful. I just love the CS you receive from BV.

    Can't wait to see your reveal and hear your thoughts. I hope you enjoy your BV wallet like I do!!:smile:

    I happen to love both the matita and nero so I wouldn't have been much help to you on color. You have great taste.
  13. I love nero.