Which wallet?

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  1. Thinking about getting an LV wallet for myself.
    I'm deciding between 2. So far it's either the Alexandra or the Insolite .. both in Damier Ebene.
    Do any of you know if the Alexandra has a compartment for coins?
    And for those of you that own the insolite ... do you find it too big? I have a wallet now that's kind of bulky and it annoys me.

    Thanks so much
  2. I find the Alexandra wallet gets a bit to fat when filled. I don't have it but a woman showed me hers. Have you considered the pochette wallet. It is my favorite because it's so easy to get in and out of it . It has plenty of room to keep me organized. My second favorite is the zippy. It's thinner then the pochette and yet just as roomy. The only reason I don't use it often is mine is azur zippy. Good luck with what ever you choose.
  3. Pochette is my favorite, then the Zippy, then the porte tresor international. I have a Koala wallet and also find it's too fat when full.
  4. Insolite.. or a zippy..I love my zippy, but the new Insolite is one hot wallet! Its not too big IMO, its just perfect!
  5. Okay, so now i'm in between the zippy and the insolite :smile: decisions, decisions.
    i think i might go with the insolite. still not sure yet
  6. I love the insolite, go for it!
  7. One thing my SA mentioned to me on the Insolite, which you might want to be aware of, is that one side of the wallet is always upside down. So, if your credit card slots ever get loose, you might have a situation, depending on how you are holding the wallet, where the cards fall out. I didn't get if for that reason. He said they are waiting for this to become an issue as people's wallets "wear-in."
  8. Thank you for pointing this out. I was thinking of getting the insolite as well. So far, I haven't seen anyone with this problem though?!
  9. Hmmm, that's true.
  10. Any word on if the Alexandra wallet has a coin compartment?
  11. I vote for the Zippy. It's a lot easier, you just throw everything in and zip it all up.

    I have a Pomme Vernis Zippy and love it! :smile: G'luck deciding!
  12. I personally love the accordeon in damier. It is slimmer than the zippy and insolite and is so easy to hold and carry because of this. Plus, it comes with a chain wristlet which gives it so much versatility! I do like the insolite, the style and everything about it but it was too large for my hand, it just did not feel comfortable holding it. I have very petite hands though, perhaps someone with a little more sizable hand would have no problem.
  13. oooh, the insolite is soooo pretty. that gets my vote
  14. I have a White MC Alexandra and it does have a zip compartment inside for coins. I love the wallet as it has enough slots for everything but it isn't too big.
  15. Okay. So it's basically between the Damier Ebene Pochette (sarah wallet)
    and the zippy wallet. anyone else have any suggestions? lol i need to hurry up and make up my mind