Which wallet?

  1. Just wondering which Coach wallet anyone has and what your opinion is. I have a few different styles and would like a new black one but not sure which one to get. The mini wallet with the buckle looks awfully cute but not sure if it's too small for me or not.
  2. I have the mini wallet with the buckle. Here's a photo of the inside. I bought it to have a small wallet though. If you don't think that will be big enough, the french purse has two more cc slots on each side and another bill slot. It's only $30 more too, so I would go for that.
    orlando3.jpg 40069_SVWT_d2.jpg
  3. I wish I could help! unfortunately I don't use a wallet. I use a mini skinny and if I need more room I use a wristlet. Let us know what you end up picking though!!
  4. Is it pretty easy to get money in/out of the mini wallet you have? The credit card slots, I can live with less of those, but I hate the hassle of trying to stuff dollar bills into the slot when they give you change at a store (and the people behind you in line are glaring at you to hurry, lol) I REALLY really like the look of the mini wallet though!
  5. Yeah, it's pretty easy. The bigger wallet does have two bill parts (I have the older version), so it's a bit easier, but there is definately enough room in the mini wallet!
  6. I love the signature wallet w/ the snakeskin trim.

  7. I have this wallet and I love it. I also have a light blue signature accordian wallet but this one is my favorite. It really goes with all of the bags, especially my Denim patchwork tote and my blue and brown monogram tote. I even carry it with my Gucci tote that is the same color.
  8. i was going to get one of the coach small wallets, but when i saw them in person they just didnt do it for me. while they are small two dimensionally, not so 3-D, but with the mini skinny i can comfortably fit cash, 3-4 cards(never needed to try more), my razr like samung phone, and keys. i like the longer ones better. but if i do want smaller sized wallet, i think i'll go for the mj bifold or hipster, and their both cheaper then an actual mini skinny. but if you dont mind folding up cash i guess that monogram zip stripe thing?