Which wallet?

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  1. I'm looking for a wallet to go with my black leather clutch (chanel timeless clutch). Today I fell in love with the Ludlow in amarante vernis - its so gorgeous! :heart: But after I left the store, I started thinking that maybe the Ludlow in blueberry epi might compliment the bag better...since its a lower key material without the lv's stamped all over it...and the color would contrast more.

    I need advice! Any opinions?
  2. If you can find the blue berry go for it.
  3. I agree, you might have to look around on eBay though, or call the 866 number. Are you looking for the old blue (Toledo) or the Myrtille blue? There should still be some Myrtille pieces around since it wasn't discontinued all that long ago.
  4. epi would be great I think.
  5. I think Epi would look great
  6. Thanks for your help ladies! Not only was I doubting the color and style of the amarante Ludlow, but I noticed that the vernis showed every fingerprint and it was starting to drive me nuts. So, I called the LV boutique first thing this morning and, woo-hoo :tup:, they had the wallet in the blueberry color (myrtille). I'm so excited, its going to go great with my new bag!