Which wallet?


Which wallet do you like better? Please tell me why you prefer one over the other.

  1. Portefeuille Accordéon

  2. Pochette Porte Monnaie NM

  3. Other

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  1. This is my next purchase, ladies and gents. Please help me decide because it's probably going to take me more than a couple of weeks to make up my mind. Portefeuille Accordéon or Pochette Porte Monnaie NM?
  2. Do you want Mono? How with Suhali PTI or Vernis Zippy?

    Instead Porte Monnaie Mono, I prefer PorteAccordeon, unique :smile: but here, I'm using Charm Velvets Porte-Monnaie and I love it
  3. I like the zippy wallets.
  4. Portefeuille Accordeon vote here.

    Good luck with the decision!
  5. I had a monogram Accordéon and had trouble with it after just 3 weeks. At the top of flap of the wallet, the canvas is very very thin and the sealed edging there separated. My LV sa told me after she contacted quality control that there was a problem with some of them doing this. She offered me a new one or a different style and I ended up selecting the koala because I was afraid another accordeon would do it again. This was 2 years ago, so maybe they contruct it differently now. I loved that style though, it was so versatile too because it could serve as a clutch. If you get the accordeon just keep an eye on the edging where the canvas is thin on the top fold over and if you have a problem LV will replace or allow an exchange for another style.
  6. Hmm, or how about Eugenie, PTI or pochette wallet? :p Ok, I'm not helping here. Lol...
  7. i prefer the accordeon!
  8. i voted for the accordeon bec it's one of your choices but i would also recommend the damier brazza wallet. i have it and i love it! lots of cc slots, roomy coin compartment and lots of spaces for bills.
  9. me too!
  10. i voted "other" because I would get a zippy. If I didn't already have a mono pti that dh got me that he also got heatstamped for me, I would buy me one. But there is a lot of sentimental value in mine. Check out the pomme vernis zippy. TDF!!!
  11. OTHER FOR ME-jUST received my amarante pochette wallet-lovvvvve it. It holds many credit/id/casino cards....... tHIS IS MY FIRST LV WALLET.
    I like zippered change in middle (zippy's don't do it for me, too much zipper) and it also holda bills and receipts easily. I used it as a clutch , dinner with my hubby and put my lip gloss, small mirror.
    Love this color for FALL ESPECIALLY
  12. Zippy Wallet or Eugenie! All lines.
  13. my favorite is the Eugenie
  14. The accordeon is pretty, it can be carried like a clutch, especially with that little chain!
  15. I am personally loving the Zippy wallet - voted other....