Which Wallet?

  1. I was thinking of ordering a wallet on eBay but I don't know which one to get I just returned my soho checkbook wallet but the wallet would not stay shut . I think the inset of the part you push the button into was far too deep in the material. Is this a common problem with the wallets, or was it just an error on the wallet I got? Thanks ladies!
  2. I have the Legacy Leather framed french wallet, and I must admit if it wasn't good eye-candy, I woulda thrown in the river by now.
  3. :roflmfao:
  4. This is the one that I got and I SWEAR getting cards in and out of it is a pain. It won't lay open easily so getting cash in or out in a quick or tidy manner is impossible. And sometimes it is seems so stuffed, even though it CAN'T be, that getting the turnlock to close is hard. The outside change pocket is way too small. But that may only be because I don't feel like fussing with getting into the actual wallet that I just try to put bills in the coin part. Functionality of this wallet is a big fat :tdown:

    But it looks good!:tup:

  5. no,, it's not just you.. I have had 2 soho checkbook wallets and can't get the darn things to close!!! :tdown: Real frustrating, and I realy don't have much in it, just what you would expect.. bummer. but it stays okay shut without it totally clasped shut so I am keeping the one I just bought.. they need to make them a little better though, especially for the price!! ;) That is good to know about that french wallet, beceause I have been eyeing those.. they are so pretty!! Sounds like a real pain though. :sad:
  6. I have the signature stripe accordian zip around wallet and love it. Mine is the denim.
  7. Definitely a pain! Coach wallets cost almost if not more than another purse! I thought mine would soften up and loosen itself...nope. But at 200$ I am just going to have to put up with it for a few years. I hope someone will post a good review of a wallet for you.
  8. I have a checkbook wallet and I don't like it either. I just bought the chelsea zip around wallet and I Love it!!! :heart:

    It holds a lot and zips up so no messing with the snap. The only thing I miss is the little ID slot, But I have been putting my ID in the little pocket on the outside.
  9. Wow - thanks for the honest comments about the Legacy wallets - I was just about to get one via BIN on E-bay!

    but, I do have two hamptons signature wallets, (checkbook and french purse) and I think they're great! I seriously overload my wallets, and these stay closed and are not difficult to get to. I did have to flip the checkbook around to make everything fit better, but it works! I Love the french purse's extra flap for the ID.

    Honestly, when I can't find a good matching wallet for my Coach bags, often use a Fossil wallet like this one. Cheap too - only $40 - holds a ton of stuff and the leather is really soft! pic looks small, but is a good size.[​IMG]
  10. my only thing is I have a checkbook.. so that makes it harder...
  11. I have the following wallets that I love:

    1. Old-style Soho French Purse Mini Signature. I loved that baby for almost 5 years. I have it, but am giving it a break after really going to town on it with some cleaner.
    2. OK, I have a couple of the Legacy French Purses. One pond (because that color is TDF), black, and of course the Legacy Stripe. I haven't had issues with black or pond, but I've been terrified to use Legacy Stripe
    3. I'm currently using the medium zip-around Denim Signature Stripe. I like it a lot, but miss the second bill compartment!

    I don't keep change in my wallet, though. Or more than I need as far as ID, cards, etc. All store cards (grocery, Borders, etc) are in a seperate wristlet.
  12. I had a hamptons checkbook wallet I loved it never had a problem with but I am currently selling it on ebay minus the checkbook in order to fund my new legacy slim envelope wallet that should be here today!!!

    Mine closed perfectly maybe it was just a defect?
  13. This information is so helpful for those that are going to be purchasing a coach wallet...I don't have a wallet yet, but want one. I use a fossil wallet and love it. Beautiful leather, and very functional. Mine is a smaller one, with no room for checkbook, but lots of rm. for ccards, and an i.d. pocket, 2 slots for bills, and a great coin part. I would love to get a coach, but I really want something that is no hassle and functional.

    Thanks for giving opinions...this forum is so informative and fun!!!:flowers: