which wallet??


which wallet to go with my damier bags????

  1. vernis pomme zippy

  2. vernis pomme french purse

  3. damier zippy

  4. neither...something else...like...

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  1. I want a wallet to go with my damier bags...

    vernis pomme zippy
    vernis pomme french purse
    damier zippy
    neither...something else, like.....
  2. How about vernis Pomme pochette wallet?
  3. i like pomme zippy cuz it's my fav...or like Tracy mentioned, pomme pochette is hot too!
  4. I voted for the pomme zippy!! Its just more functional than the French Purse...
  5. Pomme french wallet!
  6. Pomme zippy. It's so HOT.
  7. the pomme zippy is so luscious and practical! :drool:
  8. i love the way vernis looks with pomme
  9. pomme zippy!!
  10. i like the damier zippy. i have this wallet and i like my wallets to be in canvas since i think they can take more of a beating.
  11. damier zippy
  12. I think you should get a Vernis Pomme Zippy... it's so cute!
  13. what about a Framboise Zippy? If not, then def. Pomme :drool:
  14. I already have the framboise zippy:p and I love it!! That's why I was leaning towards a pomme one, but I also like the french purse...so undecisive!!!:confused1:
  15. neither.... I don't like the zippy or pomme :sweatdrop: