which wallet?

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  1. Which of these to wallets look better, I like them both and need a second opinion to help sway my decision! PS. The Koala is smaller correct?

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  2. I prefer the Koala wallet. I love the hardware on the front.
  3. french style

  4. I vote Koala, its so pretty :love:
  5. I like them both but vote for Koala.:love:
  6. love the french style
  7. Koala! I love the style :love:
  8. I like the FP... the vachetta trim adds something, IMHO!
  9. french style :smile:
  10. I like the port monnaie billets viennois but it has so few credit card holders !! It's definitely better looking, but I would buy the koala since I'd get more use out of it !
  11. Def the Koala! Love the style!
  12. French style. Looks more finished with the trim.
  13. I have the french wallet in mono and I love it.
  14. I like the french wallet- the leather around it makes it look more polished than the other one.
  15. I like the koala style, but the french wallet has a larger coin compartment.