Which wallet would you get if you only use one for all your bags?

  1. I bought a Damier Koala wallet last week. I love its nice credit card slots. But it does look a little fat and wide.:sad:

    I tend to use one wallet for all my bags and I don't carry my checkbook around. I love the size of French wallet but I have more than 6 credit/id/insurance cards.

    Does anyone have a better suggestion?
  2. how about the new zippy wallet? lots of CC slots!
  3. How about the Damier Zippy Organizer for $580 USD? It's a good all-in-one wallet. Here's a description of its features:

    Twelve credit card slots
    Zipped pocket for coins
    Flat pocket for bills
    Two large gusseted compartments for papers and passport
    Checkbook or plane ticket holder
    Leather pen holder fits LV agenda pen

    And here's a jpeg of it from E-luxury:
  4. Well for me its my LV White mc porte tresor. I love it! Goes with every bag in my collection!
  5. THank you. It looks nice but I am afraid it will fill up my Tango bag.:sad: :sad:
  6. Thank you, eyelove and ranskimmie. Maybe the longer wallet is the only way to go.:love:

  7. I was going to say the monogram porte tresor wallet. I love mine. I also have it in multicolor.

    But I really like this zippy. How much is it?
  8. Whoops, sorry, I gave you the wrong price. I thought you were referring to the Zippy Organizer.
  9. $535. And the size is 7.7" x 3.9" x 0.8" .
  10. The measurements of the Damier Zippy Organizer are 8.2x4.5x0.8". It is difficult to find an "all-in-one" multi-purpose LV wallet that is "small".

    The Porte Tresor International is slightly smaller at approximately 7.5x4" - however, it has less features - eg, only 6 credit card slots.
  11. Well, in the last two weeks I have tried the Koala wallet (it was way too fat), the Zip wallet w/ ID holder (it was huge like a book), and the French purse!!!! I love the french purse!!! I also carry around 10 cards and I have 4 in the slots and 6 in the big pockets on the side. I keep my money folded in the change part and it fits perfectly even with change in there!!!!
  12. nope...keep the koala!
  13. I tried switching "wallets" with my bags. For my MC bag I had an MC carnet de bal for cards and a PMP for change and cash. For my mono bags I used a CB carnet de bal for cards and a mono cles for change. And for my damier bag I used a damier business card holder and damier cles. This got old FAST - I detested switching all my crap from wallet to wallet. So I finally sold all my mini walletsand bought a mono Koala - which in my opinion, if the best wallet in the whole wide world ;) I also don't carry my checkbook though - with the internet world booming I use my electronic checking account to pay bills, and I keep my visa check card on me in my wallet - so no need for actual checks :smile:
  14. I don't carry a wallet they tend to be too structured for me and too large for some of my bags. I carry a business card holder for my cards and a cles or small coin for my bills and coins.