Which wallet would you choose ???


Which wallet would you choose

  1. LV mono French Purse

  2. LV mono Porte Tresor International

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  1. LV mono Porte Treso International

    LV mono French Purse
    Please help :yes:
    pti1.jpg FrenchPurse.jpg
  2. have you got pics of those two? i dont know what they look like!
  3. I prefer the Porte Tresor International (out of the 2 choices here) - it holds alot of stuff and IMO, it's more "sleek", ie - comparatively not as bulky as the French Purse. I like the "look" of the PTI more than the French Purse.
  4. It will be everyday wallet. Sometime I don;t like PTI because so many fakes PTI as French purse, Faker can't really make it that well.
  5. I don't like the monogram. I like the multicolor PTI
  6. I like the PTI better.
  7. ok , another PTI ..thanks
  8. I don't care for the PTI. It's too big for some of my bags. I prefer the French Purse or the Billfold style (They also make it in Mono, Damier Epi, Vernis ...)

    Description from elux:
    Double sided with billfold, four credit card slots, and two small pockets on one side; snapped coin purse on the other side

  9. ^ That one's cute too :amuse:
  10. I guess I have to go to the store. I am so in love with Vernis French purse but I am looking for something more durable. I carry chanel cambon wallet now . I don't have any mono wallet. I just think I should have mono wallet considering I have some mono bags. I've hesitant to get mono wallet not until I saw thread about Mono PTI and now I think I want it . I know if I go to store I will end up with something completely different.
  11. i personally don't like a flap button like the french purse. and i like my bills to stay flat.
  12. get a mono koala!

    it's hard because the two wallets are so different...if you want something that's big and carries a checkbook and many ccs, then the PTI is for you, but the PMBV (french purse) only holds 4...maybe 6? I can't remember...
  13. I'm just like you, this is why i use the PTI. I was hoping to find out if the Organizer with ID would work. Its a little bit shorter then the pti so im not sure.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] and it comes on the mono too.

  14. Red epi is so yummm...
    Koala is def. on my list for short wallet especially after seeing your damier koala blackbutterfly, except mono koala doesn't have red lining..decision.... decision:sad: :sad:
  15. Out the two you've posted, French Purse!:heart: