Which wallet would you choose as the best contender for timelessness + WOW appeal?

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Which wallet would you choose as the best contender for timelessness + wow factor?

  1. Red Epi

  2. Pink Epi

  3. Purple Epi

  4. Black Epi

  5. Shiny Pink Monogram

  6. Pink with padlock Epi

  7. NONE

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Now, Im not going to act like I know the names of these wallets because quite frankly I don't!:P

    Hence, I will refer to the wallets as Epi wallet, Shiny Monogram Wallet, and Wallet with Padlock. :yes:

    I am looking for a wallet that is of the highest quality, can work in a lot of different situations and environments (work, business meeting, social functions) something that is timeless and classy and something that is not too common.

    So here are the contenders:

    Red Epi
    Pink Epi
    Purple Epi
    Black Epi
    Shiny pink/purple Monogram
    Pink Epi with padlock


    Out of all these, which would you choose?

    Your thoughts are appreciated!
  2. i like the epi ones!...but what a decision to pick a color! hehe
  3. Without a doubt, red epi. It definitely has the timeless look and the wow appeal, the rest (except black epi) are more trendy. Though personally for me, the black epi doesn't have the wow appeal. So the red epi zippy it is for me :tup:
  4. For timelessness, I wouldn't pick any of the ones listed. For wow appeal, I wouldn't pick epi, so I guess for wow appeal, the only one I would pick would be the vernis zippy. That's the only one I like out of the choices and would go for amarante or pomme.
  5. RED, its so POWERFUL! my favourite!
  6. I agree with charleston-mom
    For a classic, timeless style, anything in monogram or damier. For wow appeal, an amarante. I have red epi and raspberry vernis and find that they are fun once in a while but to be honest, get kinda tired of them.
  7. You guys dont think Black Epi is timeless?
  8. Wow, such a fan of all of them, love epi, love mono vernis and have been really eyeing up that new violette color. I'm going to say def. the zippy, the clasp on the last one is too high maintenance (scratching, wearing etc.). I say either red epi or the mono vernis zippy's although looking at all you RM bags I think that violette monogram vernis would look AWESOME in them!
  9. I suppose it's timeless, but to me it's kind of boring and I don't care too much for epi. If I wanted a black wallet, I would go with a chanel. The leather is much prettier, softer and more luxurious and the price isn't all that much different. I have too many mono and damier bags to go with black for a wallet, but if I did get black, that's what I would pick.
  10. I will pick none in choice but I suggest Pomme red.
  11. Epi is definately timeless. Do not go with Vernis simply because they will show wear in a very short period of time and may be prone to discolouration.:wlae:
    Zippy wallets are excellent, some Vuitton wallets with horizontal card slots have been know to lose the cards on opening the purse. So go with vertical slots or a wallet with zipper.:woohoo:
  12. Love the Vernis
  13. Well, the ones with wow appeal are high maintenance. For example all Vernis wallets and all wallets with pretty shiny brass clasps and zippers. The brass parts scratch and tarnish over time. I have a Vernis Zippy with a tarnished zipper that doesn't look good at all. You have to keep polishing the brass and to me, that is high maintenance.

    The Pochette wallet in Mono canvas or Damier is timeless and is not high maintenance at all. :yes:
  14. Definitely the Zippy wallet, or the eugenie !
  15. I'd definitely go with the red or black epi!