Which wallet would look best?

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  1. I love the idea of the matched look of wallet and purse, but I can only buy one more item for the next few months. :sad:what wallet would look best with a monogram and an epi bag? I tried searching existing threads but it didn't quite solve it for me...would love to hear opinions. TIA
  2. What color is you Epi bag?

    There's the Mono Insolite that would match your Mono bag, and if your Epi is red or black - then you can get the Red Mono Insolite. If your Epi is Cassis, then the Purple Insolite ...
  3. My epi is black...so what ever wallet I get will have to work with both bags for now.
  4. How about one of the new Vernis colors it would be a good pop of color!
  5. I agree with Sweet Purple, either color will work with Mono and Black Epi bags.
  6. I agree with Corie! Something in the Vernis line works beautifully with Mono and black Epi.

    I personally adore the Pomme!
  7. Cool! I'm off to look at pictures!:drool:
  8. i vote vernis as well if u're not into a matchy look. it looks great with anything!
  9. Love vernis
  10. i would say vernis... maybe pomme? or rose pop?
  11. Ok, so I investigated the vernis Pomme wallets on Louis Vuitton.com last night and decided to hop over to the boutique at So Coast Plaza....I narrowed it down to the zippy, the organizer, the sarah and the international! (love the french, but it's just too small for all my junk) When the SA took the international out of the bag, I literally GASPED out loud,the color was so scrumptious!!!! After a few function inspections with all 4...I walked out the proud owner of the International!! Did I mention how flippin' gorgeous the color is????? Thanks to all of you for your guidance, I am one happy girl!!!:yahoo:
  12. Oh yes a vernis sarah wallet in a gorgeous new spring color would be perfect!!!!
  13. Congrats. The Pomme is TDF.
  14. Congrats ~ great choice! :tup:
  15. congrats on ur new wallet! please post pics :smile: