Which wallet with the New Kristin Satchel?

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Which color for Kristin medium leather wallet?


  2. BLACK

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  1. PCE is coming and I want the Kristin regular satchel. I want one of the new Kristin leather medium wallets. Which color should I get the Turquoise or the black one?
  2. I think black is more versatile as a wallet and doesn't show "handling" like lighter colors do.
  3. I voted for the Black. It is more likely going to match whatever bag you use.I have always thought that Black is a Great color for bags and Accessorie's..But accessorie's can be fun so wristlets and mini's should be very colorful!:smile:
  4. ^^^^right I agree!!
  5. Ya that's what I'm afraid of.
  6. But the turquoise is SOOOOOO pretty and I can imagine the compliments when you pull it out of your purse!!!
  7. Right I so agree!!!
  8. I agree! That turquoise is luring me in! I say turquoise for once instead of black! :biggrin:
  9. I LOVE colorful wallets/accessories! Just think how much more fun it would be to pull out a turquoise wallet rather than black.. lol. I vote turquoise! :tender: I wanted to add, I owned the Ergo turquoise wallet and used it everyday for over a year and it still looked great... go for it!
  10. I vote for the turquoise. Coach makes such beautiful blue colors and I always manage to miss out on getting any. I would go for it...I think it will be the color that goes the fastest. Maybe you could get the black later ;)
  11. #11 Feb 23, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2010
    How about the Turquoise satchel with the black wallet? That way the wallet will not get dirty with handling, and you still have the turquoise color too!