Which Wallet with Empreinte Lumineuse Infini?

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Which Wallet with new Lumi?

  1. Vernis Pomme Zippy

  2. Vernis Bleu Infini Zippy

  3. Empreinte Secret Long Wallet Infini

  4. Other-

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So I just bought a new Lumineuse in Infini and adore it to death.. Now I am trying to figure out the best wallet to go with it..
    I currently have LV holding a Pomme Zippy wallet for me that I was planning to purchase this week but now that I bought the lumineuse in infini I am rethinking it..

    The choices I have narrowed it down to are
    Vernis Pomme Zippy
    Vernis Bleu Infini Zippy
    Empreinte Secret Long Wallet in Infini

    Thanks guys, I appreciate any opinions!!
  2. I voted for pomme...that vernis color makes my heart skip a beat :smile:
  3. Vernis pomme would look gorgeous against the empreinte infini. This is not mine but i saved it cos i loooove the contrast. Please forgive me if this is your photo i looove it!!
  4. Thank you for posting that, It is beautiful, The SA said she liked the contrast too but the empreinte wallet is so soft and nice but it is kind of matchy matchy..
  5. I love the contrast of the Vernis Pomme with the Infini bag, too. It will make it convenient for you to grab the wallet quickly out of your bag. Good luck.
  6. Stick with the vernis pomme zippy - it will look great with your infini Lumi and go with all your LV bags - especially Damier Ebene!!
  7. I say match the colour but not the leather: Vernis Bleu Infini Zippy is my choice.
  8. Pomme!
  9. I love the Vernis Bleu Infini Zippy too.
  10. Pomme!
  11. What about the Monogram Empreinte Virtuose Wallet in Infini? If you prefer to mix and match, Vernis Pomme d'Amour would look great!
  12. I voted for secret long wallet in infini because I have it in orage and it goes perfectly with my Lumi in orage. Here are pics:




    Very roomy and versatile. originally I bought it to go with my Lumi but now I use it non stop regardless of the bag.
  13. Thanks guys.. Im still unsure which wallet to get.. I LOVE the pomme but it kind of looks patriotic to me (red and blue) which isnt a bad thing but idk..

    I also have mono and damier bags and just want 1 wallet for all of the bags, I HATE changing out my wallet so id like one to be able to use with everything but the lumi i think ill carry the most.
  14. I voted for the Pomme Zippy because if there is one thing I despise, it's digging around for my wallet. The dark lining of your Lumi Infini will "hide" a matching or darker wallet. The Pomme will be easy to spot.
  15. I would get the matching empreinte wallet...or maybe a mahina amelia wallet