Which wallet with Alma PM in Rose Angelique? Help pls!

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  1. hey dear friends! as you know I got an alma pm in rose angelique from hubby. Now I'm thinking about to get a matchy wallet. What would you pick? I only own a curieuse in granat... would that match or do you guys suggest another one?thanks for your help in advance!!!!
  2. I like the grenat color! Maybe you could get a matching RA color.
  3. Show us the picture of yr grenat curieuse and RA alma .. I think it matches but wanted to make sure
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392641870.011276.jpg

    that's how it looks... what do you think??? do I need a new one in RA?
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392641996.130151.jpg

    pic with another light....🌞
  6. Oh I think that's cute! A stark contrast, I love it.
  7. I also think it's quiet cute, but do I get probably color transfer inside the alma?

    what about a cosmetic pouch in RA?

    so many questions..... lol
  8. Definitely get a cosmetic pouch in RA - I'm a total enabler and love it so I vote yes haha. im looking to get something in this colour before it's gone because it's just so gorgeous. I don't think you'd get colour transfer? But I imagine that the interior of RA will be difficult to keep clean anyway due to being so light. I'm awful with keeping my interior clean anyway...

  9. thanks so much for your help! I think I won't get another wallet 'cause the combo I already have matches well. but the cosmetic pouch would be a great adition.... lol
    I know it will be hard to keep the RA clean but in the end she is here to use and not just to look at! 😉
  10. I think the Sarah wallet in Rosé Angelique would be gorgeous!
  11. Rose Angelique and Grenat look great together IMHO !
    If you can afford a new piece, a cosmetic pouch in RA is a nice addition...this color is very pretty, I wonder if it is going to stay for long ?

  12. as far as I know from the SA in munich it is a seasonal color and won't stay for a long time... I hate it when I have to hurry with my LV-desicions.....😁 lol

  13. thank you BTW!!!!!
  14. like the conture
  15. thank you all very much!!!