Which wallet to use?

  1. Hey guys..this is an awesome forum. I am addicted to Dooney and Bourke bags/wallets.
    I have a new problem and maybe you can help me out. I live in Florida and D&B is all the rage here. I have three D&B wallets and don't know which one to use. I have used the same medium hobo purse for a year , but know can't decide which wallet to use. I have an old falling-apart credit card wallet, a gently use small wallet and a brand new credit card wallet . I don't know what to do. Anyone else ever had this problem? My old beat-up wallet is my fav, but it looks like "crap". I don't know if it's time to pitch it. Please help. Grins, SunshineLover:wtf:
  2. Hi SunshineLover! Welcome to the Purse Forum.

    For discussing handbag topics for brands that don't have their own designer subforum, you'll get a lot of replies in the Handbags and Purses subforum under "Bags,Bags, Bags". This section is for introducing yourself. (I didn't know when I first joined either, there are so many forums here)

    Since you asked though, can you find a new wallet like the one you love the most? I know wallets are so individual--we use them so much and everyone uses theirs a bit differently. I've had wallets I patched up with tape and glue because I didn't want to throw it away, then finally had to--the leather just fell apart. Since you are here, why not consider using your newer wallet or searching for a new one as functional as your old one?

    Good luck!:tup:
  3. Welcome SunshineLover! I agree w/boxermom. Since you already have the new wallet, why don't you try using it and see if it's functional for you? If not, maybe it's time to search for one that's similar to your old one. I had this similar dilemma a couple years ago w/my gucci wallets. I ended up start using the new one and I love it and been using it ever since!
  4. Thanks for your input everybody. I will try the other forum you mentioned. BTW, are Dooney and Bourke's a "thing of the past"? I hear alot of folks discussing LV and Gucci.:crybaby:
  5. I am new to this forum and have a "dilemma" . I own three Dooney and Bourke wallets. One is a beat-up falling apart credit card wallet (AWL owned for 10 years) , another is small AWL wallet, and the other is a brand new AWL credit card wallet. The problem is which one to use. Anyone else ever have this problem? Anyone have any ideas or input?:confused1: I feel guilty for not using the "old" wallet until it's practically being held together by glue and duct tape. My guilt comes from the money spent on it (110 usd). Is this guilt only something that middle-aged women get? Please help before I start calling the "Dr.Phil" show for a scheduled appearance.
  6. I was raised by parents and grandparents who reserved "nice" things for company or going to church, so I found myself doing a lot of that when I was in my 20s. Like you said, only getting rid of bags, wallets, clothes or shoes, etc. when they were falling apart, not just because they were shabby and looked like hell. By the time I replaced something, it was really, truly beyond repair.

    What snapped me out of it was cleaning out my grandmother's house after her death. Her closets and drawers were FULL of beautiful things, mostly gifts, that she never used! Fine china and linens. Silver. Gorgeous jewelry my grandfather bought her and she never wore. New, still in their boxes handbags and wallets . . . I thought she only owned one bag and a coin purse! Shoes. Gloves. Scarves. Oh my gosh, the woman never got to enjoy ANY of it. We ended up selling most of it through a consignment shop. It was so sad.

    She'd looked shabby and poor this whole while, and I was appalled because I saw myself doing some of that. I carried a nice LV bag, but my wallet was a disaster. My boots were worn down. I could use a new coat. Yet even though I could afford a dozen new coats or boots, I felt guilty about spending money on myself unless I'd worn the old one until it disintegrated. I was definitely Grandma in the making, and I realized I didn't want to be that woman. What was the harm in my using a decent wallet? I believe I bought a new one the very next day.

    Women can get into a "me later" rut where everyone and everything else comes first. Husband, check. Kids, check. Job, check. It starts when we're young and can become a habit, until we don't even realize how we really look.

    You appear to know you need a new wallet. You don't need anyone's approval to get one! Or use an expensive one. After all, what's the good of having it in a drawer? There's nothing to be guilty about.
  7. Thanks for your insight and story about your Grandma. You are right about deserving "nice" things without the "guilt" of having them. I definitely have guilt about this "old" wallet that I have. It probably stems from childhood and the fact that I had to "earn" nice things. Well, then that decides it; The new wallet wins. You know, life is too short.Thanks again, :yahoo:
  8. What you have said has touched me to my core because my madea did THE SAME THING! And when she died a lot of my relatives ripped off her stuff and pillaged through her closets like wild animals! The ones that took care of her (my mother, my sibilings, and I) got no chance to keep anything to remember her by so I snuck away with her reading glasses. This is only a small thing but it is a symbol of her to me. I vowed from that day on never to cheat myself out of the things I deserve. I wear my make up and perfume almost everyday. And I'll drop whatever I choose on a handbag. She had plenty Italian leather satchels and they all came up stolen.