Which wallet to keep ? Help please

  1. Hi Guys- Please help with pros and cons of each.
    I'm trying to decide which small wallet to keep.
    A Mono snapped billfold & coin purse or the Vernis silver small zipped wallet-it has a small snap area for coins, 2 cc slots and a bill slot- I don't see these on eluxury- don't know if they are discontinuted or not.
    I've played around with both- it's not going to be an everyday wallet-just for when I want to carry a smaller bag. I'm leaning towards the vernis only because my everyday wallet is mono-but I'm so confused:confused1: . Thanks !
  2. if it's only for smaller bags and you have a mono wallet i say go with the silver! it's different and very cute!
  3. Heather- thanks- I'm leaning towards the vernis silver but I'm not sure if the zipper will bother me- and I'm wondering about the color transfer issue. If I have the wallet in a bag with other items- how careful do I have to be or is it more of an issue that the wallet when not in use has to be put in it's dustbag ?
  4. Keep the vernis - it's really very sturdy. As long as you don't carry tons of paper bits in your wallet - business cards, parts of magazines, ect. there shouldn't be anything to color transfer onto your lovely wallet. And just store it in the dustbag and box when not in use.
  5. see i use the zippy groom everyday and i love it. i love that it's zipped and nothing can get in and out of it.

    i don't know about the color transfer but i don't think there will be that much for it to transfer from, kwim? it should be fine. or chuck em both and get something like an mc wallet or a darker vernis.
  6. I say go with the vernis! I have a few pieces in my bag and no color transfer problems yet. As long as you don't put it on printed paper or let it bake in the sun, it should hold up pretty well. And silver is so pretty!! I'm trying to find something silver vernis myself!
  7. Keep the vernis!
  8. hlfinn- your such a bad influence ;) . I have the groom wallet with the red I use it everyday and love it- So far you guys like the silver vernis- I'm glad you guys haven't had a problem with the color transfer-that is my main concern. What do I have to worry about in the sun ? Would it be ok if I had it in my bag in the heat ? vbmenu_register("postmenu_1924110", true);
  9. Vernis!
  10. Keep the vernis. Lots of people have the monogram plus vernis retails more
  11. Hi guys just wanted to let you know after trying out both a few day- I'm going with the majority's recommendation and keeping the vernis and letting go of the mono wallet- Thanks for your help:yes:
  12. Wahoo! Way to go choosing the Vernis!