Which wallet to go with the reporterbag?

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  1. Some of you may have already noticed that i'm just obsessed with the reporterbag. I make myself happy each day by looking at it in this forum and knowing that I'm one day closer to december when i'm going to buy this bag.
    But......yes there is but...IMO the bag isn't complete without a wallet..(i haven't told my bf about that yet..he's going to have a attack.I'll just surprise him in the boutique :P)

    So my request to you reporterbag/chanel owners is: what wallet goes best with the white on black reporterbag? pics please if you bought a reporter with matching wallet.
    I like my wallets long,large and a zipper for change..:yes:
  2. I have the lrg wht/on blk tote , and obviously the wallet that goes best with this is the cambon wallet . But , let me tell you I had a hell of a time finding one . My SA could get me every style but the one I wanted ! E-bay was too risky . Of course , that is before I found this forum !

    I ended up going for this one . My fiancee also got me a silver caviar wallet that I almost never use .

    This one has the same style of quilting and silver hardware , so it goes w/ the cambon line IMO . It is lambskin though , not calf . It comes in larger styles as well .
  3. Chanel made cambon wallets to go with the reporter.

    I used to own a white with black cambon french purse.
  4. take a look at swanky's P&NY wallet. its TDF!
  5. Hey there,
    Thnx all for replying that quickly:smile:
    I'm not bying on e-bay since I'm not an expert on Chanel. So..i'm planning to buy in the boutique...I hope they still have them in stock.
    I would really love to own a white large wallet, to go with the reporter!!