Which wallet to get?

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  1. Hi all,

    This is my new bag and I can't decide on what wallet to get to go with it so I am asking for your opinions.

    Thanks a bunch!!!

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  2. Congratulations! I love that bag!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have a wallet... a little weird but is true. I use to carry a wristlet or a miniskinny. I need to buy a wallet. I was looking at Coach.com and I like this options for your bag:



  3. [​IMG][​IMG]
  4. I had the wristlet that matches that bag but I returned it because it was sewed ugly on some sections. Perhaps you can find the matching wristlet and use that for a wallet!
  5. Thanks everyone! I want them all! I really like the two toned french purse, Mrs. MC!! Maybe I will check into that. I know that what is in now is contrasting the wallet, but it is so hard to decide. I also have the black patent gallery tote so if I did a contrast I would like something that would go with that, too. (I know everything goes with black!!) Anyone have any thoughts on that?

  6. I think that French purse would go with your new bag and the black patent gallery tote too. It would add a nice pop of color. The French wallets are my favorite from Coach - I have 3 Legacy ones and am always on the lookout on ebay for another at a good price!
  7. I have a Hampton's Envelope Wallet and I absolutely love it!! I would go gor a contrasting color! :tup: