Which Wallet to get .. PLEASE HELP!

  1. Well I am really pretty new to LV. I have a Monogram Speedy 30 and a monogram cles. I really don't want any other fabric .. i tend to want everything to match ... i don't know why i like all monogram canvas but oh well.

    Anyway ... i really dont know anything about the wallets, but i know i need a long one for my checkbook.

  2. long wallet in mono? PTI, Zippy, Zippy organizer are all popular choices for long wallets, have you tried to seach Eluxury or LV's website to see what's avaiable? good luck!
  3. ^^ Yes, these are the three that I was going to suggest. I think they all hold a checkbook. I normally carry a checkbook too but I fell in love with the french purse so I will be ordering that one next week. I guess I will just have to get a seperate checkbook holder........... Good Luck deciding.
  4. to accommodate a checkbook...i'd suggest the pti wallet :smile:
  5. PTI definitely a classic wallet with optional checkbook cover!
  6. i like the look of the french purse, but is it big enough for a chekc book?
  7. French purse is a medium hand clutch and way to small for a checkbook cover! In fact the checkbook is longer than the French clutch.
  8. I have the mono pti and I love it. It looks brand new after almost a year of daily use. The zippy is tdf. If I hadn't gotten the pti as a gift I would have bought the zippy.
  9. i like the pti the best!
  10. The zippered one is hot and fits a lot.
  11. I bought the PTI while in Paris and I LOVE IT :love: Perfect for a checkbook.
  12. what is pti .. i can't find it
  13. What about this one??


    I have it in the Groom style. I also wanted something big enough to fit my ckbk, and this is perfect. I have checks w/ the carbon copies (no check register)...neway just my check pad (removed from the ckbook cover you get from the bank or whatever)...just plain...I slip that in either side of the zippered pocket that this wallet has and it works great! Slides right in..:yes:

    HTH! ;)
  14. It's the Porte Tresor International. There isn't a mono one on elux but here's the inside of an epi one..it looks the same as the mono:
  15. Porte Tresor International sold for 495, check out this link PTI