Which wallet to buy?

  1. Any suggestions on Chanel wallet? Please post pics if you have one and also the price. Thanks! :idea:
  2. I am so glad you started this thread- I am in the same boat. My SA showed me a gorgeous navy distressed lambskin that was gorgeous, it was long with the cc's in silver, but it did not close. I was thinking about getting this in caviar, but lambskin is just gorgeous. Can anyone share your experiences on your lambskin wallets- do you have any regrets??? Are they durable???
  3. There's some in the Reference Library in the Accessories thread.
    But I have the big PNY wallet and love it:
    DSCF2072.jpg DSCF2067.jpg DSCF2074.jpg
  4. It's nice! How much was it?
  5. Can't remember now, I'm sure I posted it in the Library for reference. . . $695-ish though.

    Jag, I'd be a little more afraid of a lambskin wallet. I carry a bottle of water {would sweat sometimes} and throw everything and anything in my handbag, I personally need something a little less delicate for inside the bag.
    This PNY actually looks/feels a lot like lamb IMO, it's disterssed calfskin though.
  6. same here...for a wallet I want it in a durable material....that's why I need help from you all ladies! :p
  7. So good to know Swanky! Thank you so much!
  8. Cambon wallet range is the best for all
  9. I recently bought a lambskin wallet and so far so good. I throw my keys and everything else right in my bag without worrying about the wallet. One side of it opens to a coin purse and the other side opens to slots for credit cards and bills. It was $495.

  10. :drool: ^Gorgeous!!:drool:
  11. Tammy, it's a nice wallet! Love it! :love:
  12. What's the price range?
  13. i suggest the timeless classic wallet in caviar. i think it retails for around US$600. beautiful!