Which wallet, the Mono Joey, or the Mono Eugenie?

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  1. Trying to decide for Christmas. I want a wallet, I recently bought my 1st 2 LV's :love:
    Mono Speedy 25 and Neo Denim Speedy:heart::heart:
    much to my hubbies dismay, now I want a wallet, but, I will wait a bit. What are the pro's and cons of each. I love the size of the Joey, but love the look of the Eugenie too.
  2. For me the Joey was a bit bulky, so I bought the French Purse instead. The Eugenie is great if you have a lot of cards and I almost bought that one, but ended up with the Sarah as my longer wallet because it had more space for receipts, etc. Between the two you listed, I'd go with the Eugenie.
  3. I like the French purse too. I have a lot of things to store in it, but, don't want it to be too heavy either. Keep the suggestions coming
  4. Eugenie, it is a great wallet
  5. I have both Eugenie (multicolor) and Joey (Black epi) wallet. Joey is small and not that practical. It is little clumsy to put the money, receipts in the note section and taking it out. But its a cute wallet.I recently got the Eugenie wallet. Its wonderful. I personally prefer long wallets and the note section is vertical in it. Even though its a flap, its easy to store things and take it out. It can hold a lot without making it bulky. Trust me - such a beautiful wallet and also the buckle is cute in both.
    If you want less functional and more cute, go with Joey. If you like longer wallets - both functional and cute - go with Eugenie. Its difficult to put this wallet in smaller bags.
  6. Thank you for the info. I love the eugenie but have a feeling it will not work in my speedy 25. Any others that are small and functional (and pretty)
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    Eugeine! I think it'll be much more practical. I used to have a Joey but it was too small to hold my everyday wallet items comfortably. So, I'd resold it to my cousin and bought a Sarah. But if you want something smaller and a little less practical, go for Joey. It depends on you.
  8. I had the Joey because I like smaller wallets but it really didn't work out for me. It was very bulky and awkward to use.

    I've also looked at the Eugenie because I had another brand wallet the same style and it was so functional, but the Eugenie is just a little too big. It is really nice and if it was a pick between the two you'd get my Eugenie vote.

    Personally I settled on the Zippy Compact Wallet, it's the perfect size and three years later I still can't find anything to beat it - it's three years old so I feel I deserve a new one, but I really can't find anything to replace it with, everytime I set myself on getting a new wallet (looking at the Emilie or the Curieuse) I just can't bear to part with my ZCW - so I'm probably just going to get another one!! It's short but still long enough to fit bills so they don't have to be folded. It zips so if I'm in a pinch I can throw change/dollars/receipts in, zip up and sort out later. It holds more than enough credit cards and there are two pockets in it that I haven't ever used. I love this wallet. (if you couldn't tell). :biggrin:
  9. Thanks for the info. I'm afraid the Joey will be bulky too. I saw a zippy compact. What are the measurements of it. Sounds like a great solution since my bags are relatively small I will be using it in. I can only afford one and want to do it right ;)
    You ladies are awesome
  10. LV2008 posted a really good shot of their one (I was going to take a photo of mine but I don't have an US dollars so you won't see how they fit). They posted this over in the Reference Library / What's in Your Wallet. I've been stalking that thread recently! Haha The US dollars are a close fit but I never once caught bills in the zipper.


    Good luck with your decision!
  11. Thank you so much.
  12. Today i tried the Eugenie wallet in the Speedy 25 at LV and it fits really well and still has room for other things. Also i see many TPFers suggested Compact Zippy. I used to have Compact Zippy in DE and it was really great. But before getting it make sure, you like zippy wallets. Because if you are like me who doesn't like zippy style, then it is going to be little difficult to adjust. Also as it is compact, if you are in a hurry, really cannot put things in order in the wallet. This is just my opinion.