Which wallet should i grab ?

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  1. Hi all.. After speedy empriente black, totally DE and petit noe epi black, now i want wallet..

    I saw MC new sarah in black and i saw secret long wallet in jaipur. I prefer secret long wallet than empriente zippy because i already have zippy in mon monogram.

    Which one should i take ? Currently i own :
    - zippy wallet mon monogram with pink lining
    - insolite monogram with pink lining
    - emilie DE
    - ZCP MC in black with pink lining

    All opinions are welcome. TIA.. :smile:

  2. How about the curieuse? I have it in infini and love it. I was a zippy girl for years until I bought it. It's great how the change purse can come right out. I looked at the secret long wallet but did like how the change part was right up against a pocket. I was told they were discontinuing the secret wallet
  3. +1 I was a Zippy girl for years, too! Once I purchased the Curieuse, I have not looked back... love the style and the little coin pouch.:heart::heart: Definitely worth checking out, OP!
  4. I'm trying to decide what new wallet too! :smile: There are so many! Good luck!

  5. I am also zippy girl. Between insolite, emilie and zippy, i prefer zippy. I just feel more secure. The reason why i want new sarah is because of the 16 cards. It will be very usefull for me. Yes my SA told me they will discontinuing secret wallet.
  6. Between the two, I'd go for the new Sarah in MC. Even though the Secret Long is very similar to the Zippy in size, it felt smaller to me without the compartments. You can't put too much in the pockets behind the cards before it gets bulky either. It's a great wallet if you don't carry much and I do prefer the Empreinte leather but I think the new Sarah will give you more room. Good luck deciding OP, they are all beautiful.
  7. This new sarah in epi coral would look stunning against the black empreinte!

  8. Thank you.. I wish new sarah will come in empriente. It will be perfect. :P

  9. Thank you for your idea. Yes i like this one too, but for new sarah, i prefer MC. :smile:
  10. Secret Long in Jaipur

  11. Wow.. You are the only one so far who choose jaipur.. Thank you. :smile:
  12. I think the emp leather is so luxurious and the Jaipur is such a pretty pop of color :love: I don't think you would ever tire of this wallet.
  13. +1 I have the Curieuse in Jaipur and it is stunning. I was a Zippy girl until I got my hands on this beauty. I don't think I'll ever buy another wallet that isn't Emp leather. I buy wallets that complement all of my bags, because I don't want to change wallets often. From Mono to DA to Emp leather, this one goes with everything.
    Pleased to say that she is also extremely durable. Six months of daily use and looks brand new (I'm not exaggerating!).:smile:
  14. I totally agree.
  15. i vote for the sarah wallet..IMO zippy + sarah wallets are LVs best wallets..since u already have the zippy now get the sarah