Which wallet should i get?

  1. This will be my 3rd LV wallet and i just love this color in the Damier Azur. But im not sure which wallet i should get. Help please i like them both.;)

  2. definitely the azur FP!
    sorry, I don't like zippies, they're just so large and "FLAT" lol
  3. i love the French Purse; it looks so pretty in the Azur colors
  4. i think the zippy is nice, its sorta long and flat, holds a lot, stuff wont fall out, and if you're feelin it, you can use it as a quick clutch sort of thing (like when you need to just run into a store or something), and its flatness lends itself to under-arm carrying.
  5. Have you checked out the Pochette Wallet? I just got this in the Mono Canvas. I love my wallet. I got it because I didn't want to use the zipper all the time, and I didn't get the French Purse because I wanted a wallet where I could have my bills lengthwise. And the FP is a beautiful wallet - and so is the zippy wallet. These were my top two choices also, but I really loved the Pochette Wallet. And I believe the Azur Pochette Wallet comes with 10 Card holders. Which might be a benefit to you. I liked the Pochette Wallet mainly for the look, it was more 'rounded' and for me its a beautiful wallet.
    I know what your going through lol - it took me awhile to decide on a wallet. And I'm happy with my Pochette Wallet.
  6. I would get the FP because it is my fav..
  7. I totally agree, if and when I get an azur speedy, i'll want this azur FP. Just from a change of my new wallet I just got. I love azur line - its so beautiful.
    i can't wait to see azur IRL. :love: