Which wallet should I get?

d o l l

Jun 28, 2010
I just purchased a Mono Totally MM and got the white multi Sarah wallet with figue interior. I've always loved the multicolor ever since I was little. However, the print was unaligned so I took the wallet back for store credit because they didn't have another in stock and at the time, it wasn't available online.

Now, I'm not sure if I still want the same multicolor wallet because 1, it doesn't match my bag and that bothers me a little bit, and 2, I'm afraid I'll outgrow the multicolor soon and won't want to use it when I'm older (I'm in my late teens now)

Currently I'm debating between a regular mono wallet (possibly the sarah but not sure), a damier azur sarah, or the same multicolor sarah that I had. What do you guys think?

*I have about $730 US store credit and wan't to stay around that price range for the new wallet


Apr 6, 2010
I love the Sarah wallet in Vernis Rose Florentine! You should definitely try it on with your Totally and see how you feel about them together. If you're worried about matching the wallet to your bag then I'm guessing you're not considering Damier...in that case I would get a Mongram Zippy or a Monogram Sarah (but I'm leaning towards a Zippy for you). Hope that helps!
Aug 11, 2008
Pomme vernis MATCHES THE MONO 100%!!! It's the perfect, perfect match!

RF is also a GREAT choice!!
Cranberry is coming out in the fall... it is a mix of amarante + pomme. It's like a lighter amarante with a purple/cranberry tint. It's pretty but I prefer pomme.
Aug 14, 2009
I am going to go against most on here and say no to vernis. I have a few vernis wallets and wasn't a fan. I felt like they started showing wear and tear much faster than my other wallets.

As for what I would recommend--a mono zippy organizer!!! This is hands down the best wallet LV makes! I am kind of obsessed with wallets and have far too many but this is the one that I use 99% of the time! It is amazing! It is incredibly durable and holds a ton! The zippy is also great and still holds a lot, but I prefer the org because of the extra flap and it opens up flat.