which wallet should I get?

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010
    so I am usually pretty sure when I see something I know exactly which one but im a bit torn here

    here is the bag i am using now black leather with silver trim poppy..inside is the ocelot capacity and ocelot mini skinny which wallet should I get?

    rasberry...silver or teal ???? I just can't decide
    will post some pic's of what I have and what im looking at to help

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  2. #2 Jan 30, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010
    oops sorry here is the bag I need a wallet for and in the bag is this wristlet and the large capacity ocelot

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  3. Raspberry! its sooo pretty! That way it stands out on the inside of your bag... but if you're matchy matchy then you should go for the silver. I liked the teal a lot but the raspberry just pops for me!
  4. Do you have some bags that will go with the pink? I saw the pink and teal at my outlet last night and I went with the teal because I don't have anything to match the pink with. Plus, the teal goes nicely with my patent Jade Audrey, which I picked up at the outlet as well. I like the silver and it would go with what you're carrying now, but since you already have silver accessories for it, you might not want/need another silver item. The pink is cute and pretty, but I personally would go for whichever one you would get more use out of.
  5. thats kinda how I feel I see silver will match perfectly.. but then I feel like teal or pink would be awesome I'm usually not so on the fence argh lol
  6. hmmm ok it would mainly be used with the black leather pocket hobo bag above.. the black leather hailey and the black signature groovy
  7. Actually, now that you've posted pics of the bag and I see them by eachother, I think the pink does add a really nice pop, as Butterlite mentioned.
  8. I would do pink for a nice pop of color!
  9. I think the silver would match those nicely...and it is gorgeous...BUT the pink or teal will really pop with your bags. I am leaning more towards the teal, but that may be because I already have the pink and want the teal also. Good luck. Let us know what you get ;)
  10. I couldn't decide either and got both the pink and silver :P

    I will say that if you want a pop of color go for the pink!
  11. LOL your so not helping my budget LOL LOL:P I wish both was an option LOL
  12. yep, do the silver it looks awesome with that bag!!!!!!!
  13. I say the Raspberry!!! It would be a pop of color in your bag and very easy to find!!!!

    Good Luck!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  14. and the sliver will look great with the ocelot mini skinny !!!
  15. If FP, I would go with silver
    If Outlet clearance, I would go for all 3 colors!