Which wallet should I get?

  1. I *was* on a shopping ban, but I just got a nice belated Christmas check and my birthday is in 9 days. I usually get a bit of cash as a gift from my parents, so I'm starting to think of what I could buy to go with all my lovely new bags. A wallet immediately jumped into my head because it's the one thing I don't have so far, unless you count my mini-skinny. I love that, but I want something a little bigger that is easier to get things in and out of and holds cash without bulging.

    The problem is, I want something that will go with all my bags. I don't want it to be too matchy matchy, but I do want it to complement them all (black, camel, and khaki signature with chestnut leather trim). I've been leaning towards red or legacy stripe accessories, or also khaki signature with colored trim.

    I think I have it narrowed down to these:

    1.) Hamptons leather signature mini-wallet in red--I'd have to order it, but it would match my mini-skinny and it's small. I'm not sure how small though, does anyone have any pictures of theirs for reference?

    2.) Hamptons Legacy framed french purse in khaki/beet--I could go pick this up TODAY if I wanted to buy it, which is totally tempting. But I'm afraid the red won't match my other stuff. It looks dark like my mini-skinny and Soho wristlet, so I'm hopeful. It doesn't have to be perfect but I'd like it to be close. I'm also not sure how much larger the french purse is than the wallet.

    3.) Legacy stripe slim framed envelope--I am almost 100% sure this is larger than I actually want but I love the legacy stripe so much! Did Coach make a framed french purse in the legacy stripe?

    Thanks so much for all your opinions, ladies!
  2. OK, now I am also considering the Legacy leather framed french purse in Chili. Do you guys think that would be too bright a red? I haven't seen the Chili in person. My favorite Coach has a Chili Carly in stock, even though they don't have the accessories, so I may go check it out. I just *cannot* decide!!!
  3. do u have pics? I'm so lazzzy:p
  4. Coach did make a french purse leagcy stripe wallet - it is beautiful but might be hard to find. I also always worried that the fabric might get dirty since a wallet is prone to so much handling.

    How small a wallet do you want? I am SUPER picky about my wallets, so my advice would be to go to the boutique and check them out in person to see if the sizes and colors work for you, how the pockets are organized, etc. I am sure one of them will sing to you and make you :yahoo:.

    Any of the choices you listed would be lovely. :yes:
  5. I recently bought the legacy french purse in black leather and it is an amazing wallet. I am used to larger wallets so I was hesitant on this one but it really does hold everything I need and is such a great size. Not too big and not too small. I highly recommend it as a wallet. The only negative is that the coin purse is very small. I keep a separate coin purse in my car though so this wasn't a big deal to me.
  6. Hee, I'm lazy too. Pics are attached...from left to right, the Hamptons legacy french purse, the Hamptons signature leather mini-wallet and the Legacy french purse in Chili.

    I think you're right...that is also a worry of mine (the dirty fabric) even though I think the legacy stripe is soooo beautiful. That's why the big legacy stripe wallet is my last choice, in addition to how big it is. I think I've taken it out of the running completely.
    40718_d2.jpg 40153_B4BX_t.jpg Chili French Purse and Wristlet 004.jpg
  7. I do want a smaller wallet...I rarely use my checkbook so I don't need to carry it with me. I love the size of the mini-skinny, it's just a little too small for my needs wallet-wise and I don't want to stretch it out if I can help it.

    I wish my boutique had more of the wallets in stock, at least in the colors I wanted! :smile: I may take a break (working from home today, yay) and run up there later to see what they have.
  8. I have the second and third wallets, the third one in the Whiskey color. I bought them to compliment specific bags, but the are both wonderful wallets. I think I like the Legacy one a little more - just love that turnlock front.
  9. I LOVE my Ergo french wallet. Its big enough that it hold a ton of cards and they slide in and out easily (small wallets don't!), change compartment, and two places for cash/receipts etc... love it....here's a pic.... I have it in the turquoise/sig. I'm obviously not matchy, matchy either because this is the only wallet I use with all my bags! :yes:

  10. I would probably go with 1 or 3. Good luck :tup:
  11. I love the Legacy too, and I'm really leaning towards it. donnalynn you are right, the turnlock is GREAT!

    I forgot to mention in my pic post that I borrowed the Legacy pic from a fellow tPF'er who has the wallet AND the wristlet in Chili...so pretty!! I couldn't find a pic of it in that color anywhere else.
  12. I like to first one best:yes:
  13. Here are several of my wallets. See the little khaki and red one? Its awsome. Its really small but still holds a ton. Its the sig. stripe multifunction:heart:
    Ebay Pics 534.jpg
  14. I like the first wallet and the second one. I think you should check out the beet vs the chili because they are quite different IRL and you may find that you prefer one color over the other. Both of these wallets would look great with your bags though.
  15. i like the first one