Which wallet should I get?


Which wallet should I get?

  1. Monogram Zipped Purse

  2. Black MC PTI

  3. Neither of these (suggest something else)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So both of my dream wallets are available on eBay right now: Mono Zipped Purse (old version of Zippy) and Black MC PTI ....which one should I get?!??!
  2. Mono zipped purse!!
  3. Another vote for Mono Zippy!
  4. Well haha how ironic..theres no more choice to be made, the Black MC PTI that I had my eye on on eBay got BIN! Im sad/happy because it was more expensive than the zipped purse, but I liked it too! :smile: Thanks for taking the time to vote!
  5. Mono Zippy .. love the zippy style!!
  6. I love the organization of the zippy wallets.
  7. Zippy! Love that wallet
  8. I vote for Mono zipped purse.
  9. Gosh, I don't see anyone voting for the MC Porte Tresor. I really LVoe this wallet. :tup:
  10. I absolutely love my Groom Zippy Organizer.
  11. The zippy is more organised in my opinion. I love my zippy.
  12. MC PTI. I have it in black and white, great wallet.
  13. my vote is for the mc pti.
  14. What about the MC zippy wallet?? That combines both!
  15. Mono Zippy:tup: