Which wallet should I get????

  1. i personally like the pink one more~!
  2. and i believe the pink one is on sale ;) so an added plus!! haha i love my d link detail one...i like slim wallets! u might wanna look at that one!
  3. I like the pink too
  4. what d link detail one? :smile:
  5. thanks everyone!! now I feel reassured in my choice (pink one).:smile:
  6. Pink one
  7. the pink one. :yes:
  8. lol OMG babe IF you decided to NOT have the pink...ITS ON MY CREDIT CARD!!! i'd KILL YOU if you decided to not have it because theyre final sale LOL but i'm sooooo glad you got reassurance -- I TOLD YOU the pink is nice :biggrin:
  9. yeeaa pink!
  10. piiinkkkk :okay: