Which wallet should i get?

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  1. Ive got a small Chanel cf which is great but only after buying i realized i couldn’t fit a long wallet into the bag as it occupies the whole interior. I was thinking to get a small wallet from lv with a lv key cles as a coin pouch OR a small classic zip wallet from chanel but i am worried that the small wallet would seem a little weird as its from the men’s collection and upset that dollar bills have to be folded slightly to fit into the chanel classic zip wallet. I do have a third option which is a lv long coin pouch but also unsure about it. IMG_9860.JPG IMG_9869.JPG IMG_9865.JPG Here is what it looks like. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestion to what wallet i should get? Thanks!
  2. It depends what else you want to fit in the small size. I could only fit a small zip/flap cardholder and the round coin purse or a mini o case with a flat cardholder and a Bastia. This left minimal space for a lipstick or two.
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  3. I have a St. Laurent and a Celine version of the top wallet. Mine have more card slots. They’re very slim and I can use them inside bags as small as a WOC. My complaint is I have to fold my money in the zippered compartment. I’ve seen the LV one. But it didn’t have enough slots for me.

    I have a man’s wallet similar to the middle one. Mine is Dunhill and I like it because the card slots are vertical and there are eight of them. So no doubling up. And I don’t have to fold my bills.

    I’ve had a few versions of the small Chanel wallet. They never last long for me. Not enough slots and I hate folding money.

    They all fit fine inside a small cf. But I’m a light traveler, wallet and cellphone only. I find myself using the man’s wallet the most. I like the contrast of the masculine and feminine.
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  4. I use a Chanel card case in my small flap. Space is at a premium!
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  5. Have you considered the YSL bill pouch? It's flat, but long enough for bills to fit without folding.
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  6. I use this on my classic flap. No folded bill and mine can fit 3 cards but the new version can fit 6 cards. I also put coins inside because we use very minimum coins where I live. By this I save a lot of space. When travelling where coin is very much used, I bring Bastia from Hermes as coin purse.
  7. I have a Chanel Classic WOC and a Chanel mini flap and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my LV Zoe black empreinte leather wallet...it has a place for bills (not folded) some cards and a zip coin part or I put my key in it...I am going to order another one in a different color as well...it's awesome...fits nicely and leaves lots of room for other things in my WOC and mini...I hate having to fold bills and I especially hated having to take a wad of folded bills out where everyone could see how much cash I had...the Zoe is it for me...
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  8. I’d love to see a picture of this inside either bag. Sounds like a useful piece!
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  9. I have been eyeing LV Zoe as well. I use Zippy coin purse for my Mini but hate have to fold the bill. I’m just wondering does it come in colorful option atm? The last time I check they only has 2 colors in Empreinte leather. Hope they release many colors in near future. Glad to read you’re very happy with yours.
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  10. Oh yes...they come in more colors now. I love the empreinte scarlet which is going to be my next one. Went by and looked at it today...gorgeous.. I have the black one and have loved it...it also comes in navy as well as rose poudre... And of course there are colors in the monogram and DE..
    Best small wallet ever.
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  11. I am so excited. Gonna go check them out. Thank you for your info.
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  12. Here's the Zoe wallet in my Chanel classic WOC just placed right side up and then on it's edge and then the same in my Chanel mini flap...this wallet is so perfect ...
    89YipQlwSiG0ZaKhuZV6wQ.jpg PIYM1laORzepdIdLp1opcg.jpg CKbgS4s4Qp2Uv%mP5VhC%g.jpg XYy32Hv+QzGJADS6A+cZAQ.jpg dPutM6feS%OocREeoOUYyg.jpg Echjrz8fSqCIATkk1kB3Gw.jpg
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  13. Just posted some pics for you....both bags....Zoe...
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