Which wallet should I buy?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have been trying to decide between the Zippy Wallet and the Pochette wallet - I love them both and can't decide. What do you guys think?
    p11216966_ph_hero.jpg p11231103_ph_hero.jpg
  2. I have pochette wallet and LOVE it!!!:love:
  3. pochette wallet, its on my list!!
  4. I too have the pochette wallet and love it!
  5. For some reason I am drawn to the zippy one!
  6. Thanks guys! I'm a new member here, and LOVE IT! Everyone is so friendly and helpful (such as yourselves), and I have finally found salvation for my Louis ADDICTION - something I need since my boyfriend keeps making me feel bad for spending $$$ on bags, wallets, etc... He just doesn't understand...
  7. it depends on your style... cause the look of the zippy definitely suits me.
  8. I have the pochette wallet in Vernis and it is so convenient and functional. That one gets my vote :flowers:
  9. I'd go for the Pochette wallet! Looks better IMO
  10. I like the Zippy!:heart:
  11. pochette is hawt!
  12. Both are great looking wallets... but if it were me purchasing it... I would get the Zippy!
  13. pochette:heart: !!! the BEST wallet i've ever used! (and i do have 6 other LV wallets that i hardly use anymore ever since!:crybaby: )
  14. I prefer the Pochette wallet, it's more sleek.
  15. pochette wallet
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