Which wallet should I buy?

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm having trouble choosing a LV wallet. I would like a monogram wallet, with enough room for coins, bills and credit cards.

    The portefeuille Alexandra is one of the wallets I really like: it has a lot of room for cc's and it's not too large, so it fits in my smaller purses. Question to Alexandra owners: do you find this wallet easy to use?

    Another wallet I really love is the pochette wallet. But it's quite large, that's why I'm having my doubts over this one.

    The last one on my list is the koala wallet. It also holds a lot of cards and it's the smallest one.

    Now, I have 2 questions:
    - which of those do you think look best?
    - which of those do you think are the most practical?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. ^ i love the Eugenie. It's gonna b my next purchase. You should get it.
  3. Thanks for your advice!! The Eugenie looks great. But it's also a very big wallet and I don't like the place where the slot for the bills is located. It seems a bit difficult to use because of that. Or do you get used to using it that way?
  4. Actually, the part to acess bills opens up wide, so it's easy to get bills in and out.
  5. If you want smaller, I would suggest the Zipped Compact or the French wallet.
  6. I love the zippy wallet! I find that it holds all that I need and because it zips, it's not bulky.
  7. I like the small snapped billfold and coin purse. Small and has a large coin purse. All those cards I seldom use are in a cles and my ID, AAA card go in my key wallet.
  8. I love my Monogram Groom Zippy Organizer.. It has been one of the most useful pieces of Louis Vuitton that I have purchased.
  9. pochette wallet.
  10. I think the zipped compact is a bit too small for me. I love the French wallet, but my best friend has that one and I don't want to buy exactly the same wallet as hers.

    But thanks for your suggestions everyone. I think I will go for the pochette wallet. Although I still love the Alexandra. It's a hard decision :smile:
    Is there anyone who ownes the Alexandra? It's the perfect size for me, and it also looks like a practical wallet, but I don't know anyone who's bought it.
  11. Pochette wallet. I used to carry smaller wallets but I find the pochette wallet to be much more organized. And even though it's long, it ends up being "slimmer" than a stuffed small wallet. I bought my first one in Mono over a year ago and just got one in vernis. Love them both!
  12. I have the Eugenie now for several months and still find it too big and difficult to get use to. I was torn between the Alexandra and now wish I had bought that instead. Good luck finding the best wallet that works for you.
  13. I have a zippy wallet but it is quite large, and it sounds like you're looking for something smaller. The koala wallet is a nice size :yes: