Which wallet should I buy? The Reissue Wallet or the Classic Flap Wallet?

  1. I love both! Both would be IN BLACK.

    The Classic Flap is cheaper and it has that outside pocket. It is lambskin, so it would scratch.

    The Reissue Wallet is more expensive, without the outside pocket, but the distressed leather shouldn't show the scratches as much.

    They are both long wallets and hold much the same. Which one do you like better?

    I can't find a picture of the reissue wallet in black... but for reference, it looks like this... it's a WALLET with the change section on the inside, same as the Flap wallet. Click to make bigger:
    tpf 3.jpg tpf.jpg
  2. By the way, the Reissue wallet is $200 more than the Flap wallet and it has the same lock as the reissue, the kind that you have to turn.

    Which is nicer and more classic?
  3. I have something that is super similar to the classic flap wallet and I LOVE it! I wish my boutique had had the black classic flap wallet available- I would've bought it in a second! I love the luxuriousness of lambskin in my bag. Even though I would never carry a lambskin bag, the wallet just makes me so happy. Only thing is that you can see scratches and stuff.. which really makes me sad but I've learned to live with. Personally I would go with the classic flap- but maybe that is because I never really fell in love with the reissues. Good luck!
  4. I would go for the reissue because of the distressed leather. I think it holds up better and you don't notice every little mark on it. I have the PNY wallet in the distressed wallet, and I have been using it for about 6 months straight and you can't even notice that it's used.
  5. ^^ Thank you for your input!

    I love the shiny lambskin and the burgundy interior of the Classic, but I also love the distressed leather and turn-lock of the Reissue.

    They are similar in size, but really very different looking wallets. So frustrating.
  6. I've always loved the Classic Flap wallet, but that Reissue wallet is gorgeous! Do you have any pics of the inside?
  7. How much do wallets normally run for?
  8. I can't even find a picture of the Reissue wallet! The interior is similar to the Classic interior above. ^^ Except the inside is black on the Reissue.
  9. OK, that's what I wanted to know too...those are gorgeous! I NEEEED one!!!!!!!:nuts:
  10. probably the reissue. you'd want to get something that wouldn't show scratches so much.
  11. Personally I like the distressed leather from the Reissue-absolutely HOT! let us know what you decide.
  12. ^^ Thanks everyone! :yes:
  13. i prefer the reissue wallet, becoz they aren't as common as the others.
  14. Jayne, I found this pic in Savannah's trunk show thread. Is it the same as the gold one you posted? This may be a clutch rather than a wallet.

  15. How much are they both? I personally own a small classic flap wallet but I haven't used it yet.. haha so I wouldn't know about the scratches, but it is super cute!! Honestly, if you would use this wallet a lot I'd probably say get the reissue one. It's not as common as the classic flap wallet and it would probably look great forever!