which wallet should i buy next week?

which wallet should i get? (i have damier and bleu infini bags & indigo accessories)

  • match your indigo to a josephine/emilie wallet with blue interior

  • start coordinating pomme accessories and get a josephine/emilie wallet with red

  • start from scratch and get the new rayure vernis accessories in amarante and get the zcp?

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Aug 13, 2011
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You lovely LVlovers have got me thinking about the emilie and josephine. they are good price points with a pop of color. My question is-- now that the new vernis zippy purse is being released what should I get? My bags are only damier and bleu infini vernis (selling the rest) and i have some indigo accessories. I have been thinking of selling them since I Don't use the agenda (i'm too scared to damage it!) But what do you think I should do? Continue on with the blue theme and get a mono wallet (which one?) with an accent of blue or red? should I get the amarante ZCP and start getting amarante accessories?
Should I sell my indigo stuff and start collecting amarante and red accessories?
So confused :/

Any guidance is appreciated!


Jun 20, 2007
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1 st find the style that will suit u best

If ur nervous re vernis slgs then get mono or damier i think


Jan 11, 2008
Depends on what you like. I like to have vernis SLGs in red because of the pop of colour - and because if you get another SLG which is damier ebene or mono - it will co-ordinate/match really well...

Do you want to be matchy/matchy? or just complimentary??