which wallet: pti, pochette, french, eugenie


which wallet, of these four? why?

  1. mono pti

  2. mono pochette

  3. mono eugenie

  4. mono french (8 cc)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. which one, if only one? thanks! also, why?
  2. Mono Eugenie i love the look of this wallet.
  3. If I had to choose any of those four, I'd select the pochette one. It has 10 cc slots. It's easiest to organize, in my opinion. You can see everything you put into it. It fits in most bags that are medium-sized and beyond. Plus, I like the look of it best as it is not huge when open like the PTI. I think the FP gets bulky on one side when filled with credit cards, I hate that. If a wallet is going to be bulky, I like when it's evenly distributed. Just me.
  4. i have the Eugenie and i love it. i has everything i need: bill compartment, coin compartment, ID window and 12 credit card slots
  5. It depends on what you need... For myself, I already have a epi PTI and a venis Billfold, so I would go with eugenie. I think eugenie looks great and offers lots of functionality at the same time. :p
  6. Couldn't agree more!
  7. I voted Pochette.
  8. Ditto. I have the pochette wallet and love it.
  9. pochette or Eugenie because I dont like my money folded.
  10. i like the french purse because it is feminine and elegant. Plenty of credit card slots and a coin area.
  11. PTI, it's such a comfortable wallet.
  12. Hey there! Voted for Pochette cuz it's the most practical IMO. Has 10cc slots, long compartments for receipts and coupons, and has a zipped coin pocket. There's four CC lots in front when you open the wallet, so you can put your most used cards in front for easy viewing.

    This was my second choice after Zippy (I got the Zippy instead).
  13. mono eugenie. I love that it has a lot of credit card slots and has an ID window
  14. I like the french purse. It is small enough to be carried in just about any bag, but yet big enough to hold all of your necessities!
  15. i vote for mono french purse (with 8 cc), i love the size and the design... currently i have pochette wallet in mono, i love it too...